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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Music to my ears.....
What? you haven't heard?? Supposedly we've got 6 more weeks of WINTER!! : D

Last weekend hubby and I watched that Bill Murray movie GROUND HOG DAY. Remember that movie? We think it's a great movie. Sometimes our minds wander about what we would do if we had the "opportunity" to relive a single day many times over. I know we have days that we wish we can "do over", but we lost track of how many times Phil had to repeat this day, not to mention the additional scenarios they alluded to in between what we saw. : (

Now, I have my radio alarm set to music. Drives hubby bonkers, but he's not around most times when it goes off. : } For any given amount of days, they play the exact same song at the exact same time the alarm first goes off. I've noticed this for years. Doesn't matter what station I'm playing, either. It's different when I hit snooze once, twice, thrice...(okay, more often than I should!)...but I've noticed that for a period of days, I could count on the same song playing the first time my radio alarm goes off, almost to the same stanza!!
Can you imagine hearing that same song, that same conversation, the same horrible joke, for AT LEAST A YEAR (and I daresay longer)?????

Now let's think about the people you meet not only in everyday life, but those people who pop up outta NOWHERE...people you haven't seen in decades. I'm sure there are some we wouldn't mind seeing (for the first time? lol) every day, but what about that Belly-button whistler guy selling life insurance? (good grief, as many times they played that take, you'd think I'd get that name, but it completely escapes me at the moment) I dunno 'bout you, but I know I'd be looking for the Programmer to change the default response to that loop of life! It's bad enough when you gotta "practice" meeting those kinds of folks on a regular day but, for the most part, there IS an end to that particular flowchart in life! I can't imagine having any more patience with meeting Mr. Life Insurance a gazillion times than Phil had to meet Mr. Life Insurance. Ugh. I'd fail. Miserably. I would hope that the Lord would soften my heart enough to allow me to pass the Meet Mr. Life Insurance without hurting him, though it may take a looooooong time.

You know what, tho? As oddball a direction this tangent is heading, it kinda makes sense. Those Israelites were kinda stuck basically in a day/week/month for 40 years! They didn't hafta stay in that wilderness for 40 years!! That wilderness wasn't much more than a weeks' journey walking slow. All they had to do was believe in the Lord God and TRUST Him to provide for ALL of their needs on their journey. But noooOOOooooo, they had to mouth off at Him, murmur, complain, threaten (???), whine. I've come to the conclusion they just about all became doctors. I must say, they got pretty darn good at memorectomies!! Amnesia today ain't got nothin' on those people! They finally got to where God felt ready to release them to the promise land.

Veering back to GROUND HOG DAY..... (I did say that I go off topic from time to time...just how my brain works ;) )
Who would YOU like to get to know? How deeply would YOU like to know this person or these people? Phil had an opportunity to basically stand still in time but continue learning and growing. I'm pleased to say that Phil did eventually outgrow himself. He reached a turning point in his day loop in which others mattered more to him than the fact that he was annoyed with the world. He took what he learned and helped the community he got stuck in...on account of the blizzard that showed up "every day" for gazillion years, lol. He found the girl of his dreams, who was standing by him the entire time! He got to know her in ways that would take a lifetime to know a spouse, and even then there may be surprises! You know what? The cinamatically-portrayed God finally let him out of that loop. ;)
((lol, hubby and I had to laugh when Phil came to the conclusion that he was a god...he HAD to be. "Not THE God, of course, but A god!"))

Like the movie, the Ground Hog of PA (is his/her name really Phil? I oughtta Google that sometime!) supposedly predicted another 6 weeks of winter. Now, from a natural human perspective, that's kinda awful. I really do feel for our Northern friends who don't see the light of day until MAAAAAYBE May. However, since we basically get 24-48-hour winters, I seriously don't mind. It's nice to actually be able to USE all of our sweaters, sweatpants/shirts, jackets, coats, boots (if we had them; I don't) hats, scarves, gloves/mittens for this season. It will get summer hot soon enough, and for long enough time. I'm one of those who actually will enjoy an extended Texas winter. :)

Now to look at my indoor list of things to indoor list of things I want to indoor list of things I want to improve and learn....

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