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Friday, January 29, 2010

How Do You Reset the Body Thermostat?

My T12 is giving my neck a workout again today. It's an automatic reaction anymore to his inappropriate use of weather gear. Now, I know that I hated bundling up for winter when I was a little girl. I've got no problem with that b/c it kind of makes sense even today. However, THIS child insists on wearing a COAT when it's 80 degrees outside!! Today genuinely warranted a coat, but T12 balked when I told him to put one on. What??? Oh, how could I be so silly! It's not 80 degrees out. What was I thinking??? (V8 smack)

I would even understand if I was going through that pre/menopause stage at HOME and all of the guys in my home have to adapt to my temperature mood swings. I'm not yet, so hopefully my thermostat won't get anymore broken than it used to be when I was little. I am hot-natured right now. I get hot easily. That's my main drawback about living in my part of Texas. :P To me, the summers are absolute torture. I'm actually excited that we are enjoying (well, *I* am enjoying, I should say) a comparably extended winter this year! :) I can't imagine a time when I'll be needing a coat when it's 90 degrees outside and a swimsuit in the dead of winter, even a Texas winter.

He reluctantly put one on, and he'll probably sit all day in class with it on. I've not gotten a note from the teacher yet. I'm still waiting....


  1. LOL - I can really relate! My boys do the same thing, especially my 7-year-old... He doesn't want to wear a coat, and often will just put his coat on over his jacket to appease me and then wear the jacket the rest of the day, while the nice coat gets shoved into the backpack. However, we're having temps around 18 to 24 in the morning, so a coat is definitely warranted! :D I'm hoping that note from the teacher doesn't show up.

  2. Here at my place, we never got over 32, but I was in Carrollton all day and let me tell you, it was stinkin' COLD! It felt like it was about to sleet.....

    As far as coats... I just bought my own coat.... I have worn it twice. :) I just complain about it. My oldest 2 wear theirs all day, at school. My youngest? It is a battle to get long pants, long sleeves and/or jacket on him.