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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

I used to look forward to the Olympic games, but this year I'm having a really hard time getting into the groove. :( The Winter Olympics have been going on for some time by now. I've caught maybe a grand total of an hour's worth of television spectatorship. One flimsy little hour. Did I watch an AMERICAN do anything?? Oh, wait a minute, I think maybe I did the other night. Whenever figure skating/ice dancing was going on, I caught Rachael, Flatt. She had been skating since she was a toddler, and they showed pictures/videos of her. PRICELESS!!!! Oh, she was such a little baby doll on those skates that were almost as big as she was!! Just finished watching Marai Nagasu win 4th place. Not too shabby at all. She gave it her all tonight and should rightfully be proud of her performance. :) I saw Joannie Rochette the other night and just a little bit ago, and she was beautiful, too. Something more than "ability" carried her through those performances. She lost her mother Sunday, and to have the strength to skate through such passionate grief is short of phenomenal. I firmly believe God carried her through.

When did the Olympic games become an every-2-year-sport??? It seems like we just got thru with the 2008 Olympics (wasn't it??), and we're seeing them again. Not that I'm complaining about increased frequency of games (if that's indeed the case), but there is not as much anticipation for the games when they come more frequently. Just my opinion, of course.
And another thing that is bugging me and evidently some other people...why are the events shown SO MUCH LATER anymore??? Mom and I talked about that the other day. Growing up, we used to be glued to that television set from after dinner until about 9 or 10 at night. We girls LOVED figure skating and ice dancing. Speed skating was kind of fun to watch, but other than that, we didn't pay that much attention to anything other than figure skating/ice dancing. This year, I'm doing good to be AWAKE to watch them.

Wow. Just saw the medal tally: 36 USA medals!! COOL! :D Keep up the great work!! Evidently the next Winter Olympics take place in 2014?? Maybe I just missed a couple of years. LOL, figures. Time does slip into the future...really quick!


  1. Hi you got your friend at the event you like? Am i right? That why they are your friends. Birds of same feather flock together. I am watching all my favorite event in Dish TV .

  2. I love the Olympics, but like you, didn't watch as much as normal. The olympics started every 2 years, but split summer and winter..... so, 2012 will be summer olympics.

    I love the ski jump. It fascinates me... and snowboarding? Holy cow!!!

    Love ya, girl! TTYL