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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Untimely Alarm Clock

We're not talking about my electronic alarm clock. That thing still works like a charm, even after 10 years. I'm talking about the kind with minds of their own.
Quite frankly, I've met very few people who have not had at least one of these in their entire life. Some are rather squawky; some give you a kneading massage on your chest or back with a soothing sound effect, or they give you an unexpected facial~~guys, if you ever report a clean shave w/ one of those, you could be millionaires; some others either give your face and hair that motherly slobber bath, or give you hurricane winds in your face...and unless they've helped themselves to minty breath Milk Bones...unsavory winds at that! while giving your bottom and legs a thumping massage; some have that squeaky wheel you kept forgetting to fix w/ WD40; and others surprise you with their presence by crawling on you while you thought you got rid of "those things." (more on those another time)

Mine are none of the above (tho I have had some, lol). Mine is of the homo sapiens, juvenile, variety. I know some of you have at least one of those, too. This would be my little guy, J7. He has ALWAYS been an early riser. He can HAVE those worms, trust me! lol I'm thrilled that he is happy, will be weathy, and is evidently wise (we can use a rich person in the family, y'know?). I really should be thankful that I currently don't hafta drag him out of bed when I need him to move (tho some of those occasions happen...very rarely). My T12 can be another story, however. ;)

My hubby and I have spent a good part of 3 years trying to train J7 to tell time and to make decisions accordingly. If the clock has any number less than 6 on the hour part, he is to go back to bed and wake up when the rest of the family does, which can be anywhere from 6:45-7:00 AM. He is usually pretty good about that.
This week, however, he has been developing a new strategy. It seems like he is wanting to get me out of bed at 5:55-6:40 to do some little something that is better done at the last minute. This morning, his snooze function really malfunctioned, major time.

I get a"touchy", shall we, GROUCHY, when I get woken up a little earlier than I intend to be awake and it's not a true emergency. There. I said it. If you have children, you know precisely what I'm talking about. There are subjective "emergencies", and then there are real emergencies. I have no problem with real emergencies. And, really, I don't have a problem with an occasional "emergency" that can wait until *I* am functioning enough to handle it in a more motherly manner. However, J7 created an imaginary paper chain of them this morning. >:(

6:02 Mommy, I'm sorry I spilled the cereal on the floor.
That's okay, honey, just get the broom and sweep it up the best you can, okay? Okay.
6:04 Mommy, I can't find the broom.
It's in the same place it's always been, by the door to the garage. Oh, okay.
6:07 Mommy, I found the broom!
Okay, that's great, sweetpea, now can you please just let Mommy sleep until 7? Okay, Mommy
6:13 Mommy, Sponge Bob isn't on TV like it says it's supposed to be.
There is always something on Playhouse Disney or maybe channel 13 to watch at this time of morning. That, or you can always play in your room for a little while.
6:15 Mommy, you GOTTA make Spaghetti-O's for lunch today b/c it's cold!
Okay, listen. We've been over this before. Spaghetti-O's or anything else that needs to be heated NEEDS to be heated just before we walk out the door. Let me go back to sleep, please. Okay.
6:20 Mommy, I forgot to tell you that we need money at school today for blah, blah, blah, blah.
J7, when I wake up, you can remind me and we'll get you that money. Please let me go back to sleep and do not wake me up until 7.
6:35 (whew! I might've reached REM stage at this point, dunno) Do you want me to make you some coffee, Momma?
That's okay. Daddy's already made coffee. If you want to push the button so that it can get hot, that's fine. Okay.
6:38 Mommy, it's really cold in the garage.
((and you're telling me this becaaaaauuuuuuse???)) J7, get out of here, please. We've had cold days for over a week now. Yes, it's cold outside.
6:42 Momma, .....
No more. Just please shut the door. I will be up in 3 minutes.
But that's not 7, Momma, that will be 6:45.
We will talk about this later.

Yes, we handled aaaalllllllll the little issues successfully before going to school. I'm really hoping that our little talk this evening will get him back on the right track for the rest of this week.
Why didn't I just get up after the second or third interruption?? That would be a normal response, I'm sure. However, he operates by structure, and even when certain things are not going according to plan, I canNOT afford to budge my wake-up mode earlier, or we'll be having this conversation MUCH earlier in the morning. Do you get the idea I'm not a morning person yet?

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