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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MISSING: Fascination for TWILIGHT. Can't find it Anywhere

I know, I know. This is right up there w/ being the only person on this planet who hasn't seen the TITANIC, right? It's okay by me~~doesn't bother me a bit. : }

ANYway...back to my musing....

WHAT is the fascination with the TWILIGHT series?? Even some of my devout Christian friends are into this series, having read the books and seen the movies. My husband, who is not a Christian, is as mystified about this phenomenon as I am (not so much about the overall fascination, but CHRISTIAN fascination). I personally find this disturbing and disheartening. This series is based on vampires, werewolves and other unearthly creatures, and their interaction w/ human beings. These are supposedly "moral" supernatural vampire creatures~~an upscale, more hip and modern, "beautiful" vampire tale that is far more appealing than the vampire movies of Boris Carloff's day. The vampire movies of Carloff's day made it EASY to be disenchanted w/ vampires b/c they LOOKED evil. Even Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and sequel demonstrated the clinical, shocking, and mostly apathetic "life" of vampires. As disengaged as that "life" is, Hollywood still managed to make that life enticing...the reporter learned absolutely NOTHING from his subject's interview.

However, I believe Satan has deftly honed his craft in making the unearthly seem more appealing and somehow attainable, if only through entertainment. Remember that Satan's other name is Lucifer, as he was an angel of light. He was a beautiful creature. Since his fall from God's grace, Satan's obsession is to tempt mankind away from fellowship with God. He carefully chooses our greatest weaknesses to maximize the results. Since HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT has become the hottest supernatural epic to hit the book sales, memorabilia, and the screens. The deception is that, while the series may be appealing to our physical senses, I believe it's still inherently evil because it becomes an idol, interrupting and shutting down our fellowship with God.

The Bible is explicit about the spiritual existence of angels and demons and other supernatural creatures. The Bible tells of many known and unknown human encounters with these beings. Matter of fact, Paul warns us in Hebrews 13:1-2 to "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." At the same time, we are to try every spirit, whether they be of God. If they are not, we are to abstain from them. There is repeated warnings in the Bible to remain from witchcraft and familiar spirits; not "familiar" as in a close friend, but "familiar" as in a demon or evil spirit who answers its master's call. For the most part, there is a separation between our physical world and the spirit world, with God creating the definitive line between them. Why does God lift prophets up "in the Spirit" and show them fantastic images and fantastic dreams? They serve His divine purpose, whatever it may be. Satan, through Hollywood, devises TWILIGHT as a distraction away from God's divine purpose in your life, not only as an idol but as an attractive evil, a lure into sensual darkness. Cinematic creatures are human developed to have a mind of their own, but when that season of sensual darkness ceases, those caught up in that darkness run the risk of having to obey that prince of darkness, separated from God's comfort and pleasure of life.

Perhaps it sounds silly, like the ramblings of a Christian fundie lunatic who needs to get a grip on real life. Fine, so be it. Scoff as you will. As Job basically told his friends, "Listen to what I have to say, then mock me if you must." I believe TWILIGHT has no business entering into the lives of professing Christians who are born again in the Spirit.
MISSING: Fascination with TWILIGHT. Can't find it anywhere. I don't want to find it now.