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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in 49 of 50 States?? Wow!

Okay, okay, okay....if you're TIRED of reading about my 2010 facination about snow, please bypass this post. I understand, I really do. No hard feelings. Sometimes I just gotta be told to "Shut up, already!!!" : }

BUT...have you read the latest???? Yesterday, almost every state of the United States of America has at least a dusting of snow!! : D COOL!!! (lol, I guess I should say, "COLD!"~~I know...groan! : } lol, so full of myself, I guess)
Evidently, this hasn't happened since Feb 1978. What a coincidence. THAT is when I vaguely remember snow in Pensacola, and we headed for a blizzard into Texas. Evidently Texas experienced it's first blizzard in about 50 years then. I was only 10 at the time. I went from beach walking to hiney skating b/c I couldn't figure out how to stand on ice...still can't, lol. And they say ice skating is easier than roller skating?? I'm not ready to try it.
What's even more odd is that Hawaii usually has a little snow on their mountaintops, but not yet this year. None of the mountains/islands of Hawaii have just a speck of white on them? ; )

There's the joke on various sites that Al Gore is hiding out so they don't ask for his Nobel prize money back. I don't like Al Gore. I don't believe what he believes about global warming. I don't necessarily believe this snow proves or disproves his studies, but from the looks of things STILL outside my window, this is the warmest snow I've ever experienced.

My boys are out there now building yet another snowman. Maybe I'll join them. I'm comin' in when they start the snowball fights, tho!

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