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Friday, December 31, 2010

Come Oooonnn 2011!!!

Not that 2010 was such a horrible year. It really wasn't too bad for me and mine. However, I know soooooo many people who have experienced yet another heartache, another financial struggle and loss, another sense of hopelessness and despair, another illness, and yet another death. This year has been devastatingly cruel to some people, it seems. :( For those suffering so greatly this year, I am truly sorry. I pray that 2011 marks a turn-around and breakthrough and true recovery for their lives.

I am thankful for 2010. Not that everything went hunky-dory or anything like that, but I have grown in some ways that could not have happened otherwise. Previous years have been trying for me, and 2010 has given me a step in a better direction. I have developed some better habits in 2010 that I believe will carry me into 2011 and beyond.

New Year's Resolutions.....

Hmmm, I'm not really one to make New Year's Resolutions. I've been out of that habit for years b/c it seems like I break most of them them no later than the complete month of January. It should be called New January Resolutions, y'know? ;)

Having said that, I DO have some goals that I want to accomplish for 2011. In Habakkuk 2:2-3, this minor prophet was encouraged to write down his goals/vision and, while it will take some time for it to come to pass, it WILL come to pass. Pastor John Hagee used this message for his sermon: Write it down and make it happen! It is a practice that I have developed over the last couple of years, and I must say that it has been helpful to me. :)

Some goals I'd like to meet in 2011.....

I will read the Bible from cover to cover. While I've read the Bible almost every day, and have indeed read almost all it, I've never consecutively read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. There are so many nuggets of wisdom that I've missed over the years b/c I've yet to truly read those words. The only reason I've gone past those words before is b/c I was focusing on whatever study I was engaged in at the time. I've found that when I'm "casually" reading (lacking better word here~~reading w/o it relating to a specific lesson) the Bible, some words just jump out at me and it fits a situation I've discovered within the past week or so.

I see a much smaller version of myself. I've allowed last year's excessive heat get the best of me. My food choices have been not-so-great lately, and I've been sick b/c of it. I've got goals in mind and print for this year, and I'm already putting plans into practice. I had almost reached my goals a couple of years ago, and I've virtually undone all my work just last year. This is one of those areas in which you just gotta do it. Creflo Dollar says when you're "gonna do" something, you're really not ready for the change yet. When you are truly ready to make changes, you start changes right away. I admit I've spent a lifetime with "gonna do" and rarely stick to my goals to completion. I've started changing that last month and will continue into and through this new year.

I see myself with a new and better job. This is not to say that the job I have is bad or that I don't like it, but it's changing in ways I'm convicted I can't continue. The Lord has nudged me at my back here in 2010 that I need to do something else, but I've hem hawed about it to the point that situations have changed, and I'd better change with it to remain in the growing direction I need to be! Here's to a new and better job in January 2011 and beyond!!

I see more quality time and opportunities spent with my family in 2011. I shamefully admit that I've let the digital distractions of this day and age overwhelm me these last couple of years. My boys are not growing younger. They need me, even now more than ever. Not necessarily in the sense that I've got to be there to make things work or make them do anything, but I want to be more available for them as they grow. My J8 is a game player, and I want to bring out his best characteristics he possesses when he does play games. My T13 is not a game player, but there are other avenues to explore with him. He's turning into a young man before my eyes, and our times together have become more detached than I'd like. I'm very proud of him, but I admit I've not been very good at expressing that lately. He needs to know. I am also trying to get Hubby to remember his relationship with his dad and re-awaken his desire to make his relationship with his boys better.

I've not made plans for celebration or tradition for bringing in the New Year. Hubby bought a beautiful bottle of wine for a cozy toasting in the New Year. Crowds of unruly people are not our thing. I do have a prayer that all of my family and friends remain safe and healthy through yet another year.

LOL, I still do not know the words to Auld Lang Syne, but I think it's a neat song steeped in traditions from long ago, especially from my ancient heritage. I do love reading about traditions from around the globe, from the greeting to why they do the things they do. It's much like Christmas to me, fascinating! :)

Whatever you do to celebrate the New Year, I pray that you have a most blessed one! I wish you a most prosperous 3John2 New Year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me

Today is December 13th. There are 12 more days 'til Christmas. This is a time when my boys and I get a kick out of singing this song. I'm not sure what the real meaning of this song truly is (if there are literally 12 days to celebrate Christmas like there are 8 days to celebrate Hanukkah, for example). I think I remember something about January 5th is considered the 12th day of Christmas but still don't know details because I've not looked it up just yet, but with my boys I treat this kind of like telling time...a quarter "of" 6 means it's 15 minutes before 6 o'clock~~like a "countdown" to Christmas. Either way, it's a fun time in MY family.

I received in an email one time some early Christian coded meanings of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and whether it's true or not, I'm not too concerned, I think it's pretty neat and can easily see the application. :) Evidently, I'm not the only one. An article about this was written by Dennis Bratcher. I'll summarize below. I hope you'll read his article, tho. I found it was a good read. :)

A Partridge in a Pear Tree symbolized Jesus.

Two Turtle Doves symbolized the Old and New Testaments.

Three French Hens symbolized the Three virtues: Faith, hope and love.

Four Calling Birds symbolized the Four Gospels

Five Gold Rings symbolized the first Five Books of the Bible/The Books of Moses/The Pentateuch.

Six Geese A-laying symbolized the Six Days of Creation (God rested on the seventh).

Seven Swans A-Swimming symbolized The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Eight Maids A-milking symbolized The Beattitudes.

Nine Ladies Dancing symbolized The Fruit of the Spirit.

Ten Lords A-leaping symbolized The Ten Commandments.

Eleven Pipers Piping symbolized the Eleven FAITHFUL Disciples/Apostles of Jesus.

Twelve Drummers Drumming symbolized the twelve doctrinal points of the Apostles' Creed.

I hope you find this as fascinating as I did. It's definitely a great tool to share with young Christians today. :)
In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

O Christmas, O Christmas. How Do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways!

No, I am NOT Elizabeth Barrett Browning nor William Shakepeare. I don't have the gift of poetry...not that I've tried to develop, anyway.

My only qualification to write this particular post is that I DO LOVE CHRISTMAS. This is my most favorite holiday and time of year of all.

There's no exact telling when Jesus, The Christ, was born; but this is the day that early Christians chose to celebrate His birth. No matter the original reason for choosing this date, I believe that God has truly made this day to be a magical time for humanity. Joseph of the Old Testament told his brothers, upon forgiving them, that what they meant for evil for him, God made into a blessing for His people. I believe it's time to put aside the bickering about why early Christians chose this particular day (including the encroachment of Pagan celebrations in order to win converts to Christianity), at least for one day. No matter what mankind does in God's Name, His Power cannot be diminished or contained when it is, or becomes, His Will and Purpose.

My perception of Christmas has changed over the years and, I must say, it's for the better. It's easy to lose sight of what Christmas is all about when we become overwhelmed with the commercialism and materialism of this holiday. When all is said and done, what DOES Christmas mean?

My pastor preached a wonderful sermon this past Sunday about John's Gospel and it's perception of Jesus' birth. The other Gospels come from various human perspective, but John's comes more from how God sees the picture. What God saw was a world of darkness. A world enveloped in sin and its consequences of that sin. God shined the Light upon this world through His Word, the Creator, the Man. Some knew Him, others did not. Some received Him, others did not. Of those who did receive Him, tho, they became sons of God, even those who believed upon His very Name. As children of God, Christians are able to become and continue to be that salt and light of the world through Him. He lived so that when He died and rose again, we may live eternally from the consequence, guilt, and condemnation of is free to anyone who asks Him into their heart, in faith believing, that He is their Lord and Saviour. God's love is complete in Jesus.

This is a very abbreviated summary such that I've not done it any justice, but that sermon spoke to me. Working in a materialistic and commercialistic atmosphere for so many years has jaded my spirit in times past. Other retailers know precisely what I mean here. I am happy to be reminded how to return to my roots and better enjoy my moments of Christmas no matter what anyone else is doing.

The Gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke proclaim wonderful news as prophesied by Isaiah. The King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of Peace, Wonderful, Counselor, Govenor, etc. The magnificence of God was embodied into that of a human being. What a glorious celebration! No wonder the hosts of heavens were said to have sung as they welcomed His birth! :)

M-A-N-Y traditions have come along in the annual celebration of Jesus' birth. Many of those traditions have roots in pagan worship or observations. However, just like there's a version of a flood story in many religious cultures, there's a special view of some of these traditions that make them Christian.

This is my favorite time of year as we get together with family and some friends. We've had some great years celebrating. We've had some not-so-great years celebrating Christmas. But by golly, we CELEBRATED Christmas!
LOL, I remember one Christmas when I was in my teens, we always got together with our neighbor/family friends. We always did an "all-day" thing when we got together for holidays. This particulary year we were ALL miserably sick. I mean A-L-L of us. We figured that we might as well all enjoy our creeping crud together, I guess. We all had various stages of colds and flu~~most of us couldn't stop sneezing and coughing. So we sit at the table, huddled in our blankets, robes and coats, trying to play some kind of game (I forgot what game we were playing~~bingo, Monopoly or Yatzee~~doubt we tried to play cards that day, but who knows), and Mom had several timers go off at various intervals as we passed the medicine around. Looking back, that was pretty insane, and I seriously doubt we'd ever do that again. However, also looking back, even tho none of us felt human, it was kinda neat that we were all sharing the misery together while trying to make light of it together. We don't get together much anymore. We've all kind of drifted apart into parts of town unfamiliar to the rest of us, but we do call each other up from time to time. :)

My favorite thing to do for Christmas is sing. I LOVE Christmas music!! I love the traditional hymns, the kooky hits, the hip and jazzy contemporaries, and the classic Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole types. My favorite Christmas carol to hear is Carol of the Bells. I honestly believe that I could never tire of that song. If someone gave me a CD recording of all the different versions of Carol of the Bells, I would be totally tickled pink, I love it THAT much! : D A few of my favorite songs to sing are Silent Night, Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Holy Night, many other hymns; Deck the Halls, Let It Snow, Do They Know It's Christmas Time, that crazy song that mixes greetings of Hanukkah and Christmas (think Adam Sandler did it??), and others. I have a Celtic Christmas CD that my late mother in law had that is incredibly beautiful to listen to, in my most humble opinion, of course! ;)

Is there such thing as too much baking during the Christmas holidays?? I haven't reached that point yet. :} Part of it is due to baking goodies is something I'm pretty good at (so I've been told, lol), and the other part is that the weather is FINALLY conducive to baking!! : D I avoid baking or cooking as much as possible when it's hot outside (which is almost 11 months out fo the year, lol), but when the winds blow that blue northern into my territory (it happens occasionally!), it's time to light up the oven! : D

I love to decorate for Christmas, but I am not seeking to be on the cover of Better Homes and ain't that type of home! I've got Christmasy things going thoughout the house, and like most homes, the Christmas themes grow each year. My favorite decoration for my home, tho, is Love. God loved us so much He sent His only begotten Son to reconcile us back to Him, in a tiny baby who grew into His role as Saviour of the world. I've got a few nativities at home. Wouldn't mine more. I can probably find a place for them. :) The peace of the Christmas day is phenomenal to me. It doesn't really matter why this day was chosen, but I believe we can all enjoy this moment of peace and good tiding to man. Pray for peace, let peace begin with me.

There is much more I can write, but for now, this'll hafta do. It's at least a small glimpse into my Estelleworld. There is much I can write about different elements of Christmas that I enjoy. Perhaps I'll attempt to write them next Christmas. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I wish every one of you a most wonderfully blessed and Merry Christmas! I pray that all of you experience a 3 John 2 New Year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Scroungier You Are...

...the more likely you'll hafta interact with other people. Why, oh, why have I not learned this yet?? Ugh. You guessed it, I did it again. :O

Don't tell me that I'm the only one on this earth who has done this, either. Most of you would be lying.

I am not particularly a morning person. I'm more of a night person. Therefore I tend to stay up most nights later than I should. This pushes my wake up time a little later the next morning, obviously, lol. Most times I don't need to be at work until later in the morning, so typically I think I'm doing good to have clothes on, shoes on, and maybe swipe a brush thru my hair.

Thankfully I wasn't at my most scroungy self, and thankfully my interaction with cheerful, casual-businessy dressed moms this morning was rather brief, but the horror still lingers for some time, lol. : }

I had just dropped the boys off at the front of the school, and I started to drive off when I hear a knock at my driver's window. I saw them b/f I drove up, but I thought they were in their own little meeting. They greeted me w/ their beautiful smiles, wishing me a cheerful good morning with a donut, while they hand me a flyer about the next PTO meeting this coming Friday night. I was utterly embarrassed. I mean, usually I can kind of stand off a bit so that I don't wipe out the entire parent congregation w/ my lethal morning/coffee breath. Not this time. They were literally face-level with my truck, and awfully close, too. I held my breath for as long as I could, tho I'm sure my noxious fumes reached them as I left. The exchange took place less than 30 seconds, but I'm sure my Medusa horror lasted them a lifetime. It's a good thing I didn't have last night's makeup on, too! That would've elevated me to a whole new horror.

As I drove away, I saw that the moms were still standing. But I wonder if they have my license plate memorized by now. My picture today could've easily made "Most Wanted" so they could lock me least 'til I could make myself decent and fit for society again. :)

The Season of Thanks

"In every thing, give thanks."

As the year 2010 spirals to its end, we approach a particularly special time of year for many of us Americans. It seems like once Halloween is gone, we turn around and are making plans for Christmas! This is by far my most favorite time of year. :)

We have made it through another year with a roof over our head, food on our table, health in our bodies (nothing a little Claritin or Robitussin can't handle, anyway, lol), clothes on our backs (and fronts, lol), gas in our vehicles, paychecks in our bank, and a home for my spirit. I am indeed full. I am indeed blessed.

There are so many people experiencing some source of sorrow and pain this year, however. Some people have lost their homes, too ma-ny have lost their jobs which supported their families, some have lost their only means of getting to work, others have to decide whether to put food on the table or take medicine to help them function~~an inordinate amount of people feel their only choice is to live in pain because they have no insurance. Numerous others have lost loved ones in this world this year. Some of these precious people are fighting demons no one else can see; their symptoms cry out for help. Unfortunately, while many people are contemplating suicide, some have succeeded.

While this season should be a season of joy for most of us, obviously it's a season of pain and sorrow for far too many others. Looking back on our darker hours, I can't tell you how thankful I am for the people who reached out to us and blessed us with things we needed and leads to help us get on our feet. My boys have been blessed with Christmas presents from kind strangers when we could not afford anything for them. I am thankful for some neighbors who dropped off a bag of groceries for us so that we would not go hungry. I am thankful for doctors who had compassion on us and didn't charge us for needful medicines for the boys. I am thankful for my cyber friends who gave me a kind word right when I needed to hear them most. I am sorry to lose my parents-in-law, but God gave us the means, through their deaths, of getting us a wonderful home that we can call our own. I am thankful for my new neighborhood~~it is finally starting to feel like home. I genuinely believe God placed us here~~everything that we've gone through in our darker hours has led us to this place of hope, hope that I readily admit I didn't recognize at first.

"...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning" Psalm 30:5

This is one of my favorite reminders when I go through difficult times. Life as a Christian does not mean that we have no trouble, that all goes well for us all the time...but our response rests in the hope and trust that God is always, indeed, with us. Jesus said that when we are at our weakest, then is He made strong. Not that Jesus was ever "weak" but Jesus' strength for us becomes more evident in our lives. While we are sometimes authors of our own troubles, our troubles are not always for our benefit, but sometimes for the world to watch us give opportunity to demonstrate our faith. Our faith should be in action. Our faith produces blessings. Those blessings are meant to be shared with others. Our blessings should lift others out of their darkness. Our blessings just might be that seed of faith they need.

Let us remember those who are struggling this year. Let us see if we can help lighten their burdens, if only for a moment. Sometimes that moment is all we need to push through to our breakthrough. Sometimes a bag of groceries is what is needed. Have you looked in your closet lately? Is there something someone else can use now that you're not using? Sometimes a job lead is what will turn their lives around. Sometimes mercy and grace is needed to heal a broken heart. A sympathetic ear and an empathetic heart is the start of a beautiful healing. Let's not forget...a smile and a kind word can be the simplest and yet most priceless offering.

It is not because of the tribulation that we give thanks, it's because of the hope that can be borne out of that tribulation. Tribulation can be what gives you some of the fruits of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22) The time of trouble is indeed sorrowful, but if we can encourage each other to hang in there long enough, the results can be a more powerful faith you never knew you had. That faith is something to celebrate with joy. That joy is what we give thanks for.

"In every thing, give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Hangover 2010

Well, what can we say? No matter if your party won or lost, there is a sense of a hangover~~some made worse by anxiety about what this new election results hold for our nation now; others thankful by the results, but knowing full well that just means there's work to be done; hopefully they are thankful for the opportunity. Time to take that Alka-Seltzer and get to work. For those who have lost and are wondering just what went wrong...time to take that Alka-Seltzer and get to work.

I am thankful that we (Republicans) won the House. I am also thankful that, while we did not win the Senate majority, the loss is very shallow. I pray the Democrats realize that they are on the hot seat just as the Republicans are. I listened to President Obama today. As always, he's saying the "right things", but time will tell if he's blowing smoke or if he's truly finally realizing that the American people are fed up with the way things are currently going. What bothers me is that he keeps saying that he needs to "work harder" to find, reach, and implement solutions to the messes we are in as a nation~~it's my opinion that the problem is NOT how hard he's working, but who's agenda he's trying to implement to solving these problems.
Former President George W. Bush was accused of doing his own thing and not following the will of the people, especially regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but yet President Bush pushed forth his agenda because he thought it was truly the right thing to do based on the information he was given. However, it was incomplete or inaccurate information.
I feel like President Obama is carrying out his own agenda because he truly believes this is the right thing to do for this country. However, I feel like President Obama is receiving (consciously or unconsciously) incomplete or inaccurate information.

There are some good things that are in the "Obamacare" bill. Unfortunately, what good there is in the bill is overshadowed by the mysterious unknown and considerably painful aspects (costs and penalties) of the bill. This is why I feel like the Health Care bill needs to be repealed and started over again from scratch, reformulating the good aspects of the bill into a better one for the nation. I shook my head in utter dismay when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared that we need to pass this 2000+ page bill " we can find out what's in it." Saaaay whaaaaaat????????? American populace are warned not to sign anything without having read and understand the fine print. And yet, the majority of our government officials passed this spider web of a monstrosity without having a concrete idea of what all are in this bill. Left alone, it will only be a matter of time before Americans find ourselves in penalty traps and loss of freedoms we currently take for granted.

Having said all this, I must say that presumptive Majority Leader John Boehner has a really rough road ahead of him. He indicated that he understood that the Republican party is on probation by the American people, that it was not a case of embracing the party. I pray that remains on the forefront of his mind as he embarks on this journey. I pray he CAN find ways to work with not only the Democratic party, President Obama, but even other Republicans to get AMERICA'S agenda accomplished. For different reasons, Presumptive Majority Leader Boehner faces the same personal tenacity as President Obama, and I pray that, for the sake of our nation, they can at least put aside their differences, listen, brainstorm, and create a bill that is reflective of the benefit of the people~~no more, no less.

These past two years have revealed a runaway government left to its own device. That followed a few decades of mischievous underminings committed by the government to see what they could get away with. I'm thankful that Americans have awakened, come out and voted, and have demanded the beginning process of restoring the checks and balances of our government which was created "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 11/2/10

Today was the day to vote for the House and Senate seats, along with state governors and whatever local positions need to be filled. I was very surprised that Texas (or my area, anyway) did not have any amendments or proposals to vote on this time around. Made me wanna check somebody for a fever or something.

I voted my candidates. I'm happy to see my congressman on the ballot.
I'm SURE he won his position. I don't remember a senate race in my area. Many of my local positions are held by uncontested incumbents, so there isn't much you can do there.
I'm disappointed in my neighborhood turnout for elections, tho. Coming from a neighborhood which was VERY politically active, I was stunned to see my voter count being so low. The demographics become painfully clear during election times here.

I've done my duty to remind everyone to vote today. Any message board I attended, I made mention of voting. I've come a long way, but I admit I've still got a long way to go in HOW I vote. I'm extremely thankful that I don't live in an area completely driven by negative ads and mud-slinging this time around. My friends in other states have lamented about the smear campaigns of some of their candidates, and it just makes it so difficult to be an objective judge for those elected officials. As soon as I hear a name, I try not to listen to the ads anymore and do my own research and investigation and vote from there.

I am a classic republican. I have very classic conservative views. I believe both parties in all branches of government have miserably failed America these last couple of decades. I greatly appreciate
Marco Rubio's comment he made during his acceptance speech:

"We make a great mistake if we believe tonight these results somehow
are an embrace of the Republican Party," Rubio said. "
What they are is a
second chance
, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they
were going to do not so long ago."

I pray the Republicans are listening, should they indeed
get their chance to regain control of the House as anticipated. America is
losing patience...and FAST.

We are on the road to utter self-destruction if we do not heed the mistakes made by past civilizations and empires. There is a very real consequence to the unraveling the effects of the Constitution as our Founding Fathers based the government of this nation. Men are to be free, and the government is to be limited. BOTH parties have tampered with its foundation to the point that heightened awareness needs to be made, and our government elected officials need to be held accountable for them.

We'll see what happens. In the meantime, America has its eye on the government. The jobs need to come back. The tax rates need to be subdued, and the entrepreneurs need to be able to redevelop our capitalistic economy. I believe the entire health care bill needs to be scrapped and started over...I don't care WHO has the solution, but the better solution needs to be implemented if we're to turn this country back around.

I have a book that I've not read yet, but it's frequently referred to by quite a few Christian evangelists. I do need to read it, as the reason I acquired it was because I figured it was rather insightful into how our lives are observed today, over 200 years later. The book is THE HISTORY OF THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE by Edward Gibbon. Is history truly destined to repeat itself? If we are not observant of history, then yes, we are in big trouble and just may live long enough to see our own deline and Fall of the American Empire.

I hope that you voted. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the affairs of this country, which is still the greatest nation of the world.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scariest Thing About Halloween Could Be Mom

I feel bad for J7. I really do. Not bad enough to go trick-or-treating tonight, tho.
We went to our church's Fun Fall Fest last night, he got to play on the bounce-house obstacle course for almost the entire 2 hours available, with an occasional bounce-house jumping in between, along with four little "carnival" games. He had a blast, was worn out, and crashed before we got home (ya think?? lol).

Tonight my enthusiasm, what little I might could've usually mustered for Halloween, vanished. I could not bring myself to take my little man trick-or-treating. Call me an evil mom, I'm sure I deserve it to an extent. Hubby had hurt his foot earlier last week and was really feeling it today, so it was out for him to take the little guy trick-or-treating. T13 was sick with allergies getting the best of him, and he needs to recover so he can go to school tomorrow.

I don't care for Halloween. Never did. In 2nd grade I was scared witless by a witch who was a leeeeeeeeeeettle too convincing in my young mind, and perhaps I never got over it. Sure, I dressed up and attended a couple of parties, but when I had a say about participating or not, most times I did not. As I got older and could stay out later, I saw costumes that were just horrible. In my opinion, it went beyond wicked to just plain gross and disgusting, and why would I want to be in the thick of it? That's just not me.
As a Christian, I've done my studies about where Halloween came from, the secular and Christian implications of Halloween, traditions collected from other cultures, Pagan celebrations that still go on to this day, etc. It's my opinion that, for the most part, Halloween is a holiday best left alone. There are some interesting and fascinating aspects of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, etc, but they mean little to me personally. It is my conviction that Christians shouldn't have any business with Halloween, but obviously, that opinion is not widely shared, nor should it be unless the Lord convicts the heart the same way.

Still, we got to go to the Fun Fall Fest last night...doesn't that account for SOME-thing? I mean, he made off with more candy than he can handle (he won't see most of it~~he doesn't function if he gets too much sugar in his system, and most of his candies were colored and flavored sugar confections), it didn't count. After all, today was a brand new day from yesterday, and today is "THE" day, Halloween Day, and we just didn't make it out trick-or-treating tonight. Not that our neighborhood is particularly trick-or-treater friendly, and our old neighborhood is a bit sparce nowadays.
Earlier in the day I had planned to take him to another local church-based Fall Harvest Festival, but when I woke up from my nap, I felt horrible and just didn't want to move. What a selfish witch I am. Like I said, scariest thing in my poor J7's life right now seems to be his own mother. :( The most I can say to that is, "Boo, Humboogey.

We read a couple of little stories together, and I think he's on the road to forgiving me, but that will only last long enough for his classmates to share their tall tales about the loot they made off with tonight. : { I'll definitely be on the receiving end of the monster mash.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The British Bulldogs, that is! ;)
I was greeted this morning with my little guy, J7, telling me while I'm still asleep, that there are two dogs in our yard. My first thoughts were NOT, "Oh, how SWEET!" My first groggy thoughts were, "Oh NO!" J7 is really excited and is trying to get me to show the same excitement as he leads me sleepily to the back door. Then I see them....they are not errant guard dogs prevalent in our neighborhood, but two English Bulldogs with unusual markings. They are wet. They are muddy. I can tell they are newly lost. It's obvious they were brothers. They have thick leather collars, but neither one of them have tags. Reluctantly, I let them into the house so that they could dry off and I could give them a bite to eat.

I was sooooo amazed at how sweet and obedient they were the short time they were here. :) Yeah, they were a bit clumsy, frisky and rambunctious, but when I told them to get down, they immediately got down. They were extremely gentle when hopping up to lean on me, not jumping at all. I was amazed at how gentle they were with J7, because they made a point to stand on their hind legs before attempting to lean on him. They were his height, so they kinda met him face to face. I was proud of my son for not being too startled, but when I told them to get down, they did. They trotted through my kitchen and living room with cartoon-like muddy feet. I got them some leftover cooked meat that I had in the freezer, thawed it out and gave it to them to eat. They each waited patiently to get their portion, which I find unusual.

I wanted Hubby to see them, but he was at work, and he would not be getting off until late afternoon. :( In the meantime, I know that some person, or some family, will desperately be looking for these fine chaps. I know I would be if they were mine. They were well cared for; lovable, docile, and obedient. Time, love, and family developed these dogs, and they need to be returned to their owners as fast as humanly possible.

I called our city's animal services. I told them on the phone that these were special dogs that belong to some one, or some family, who is sure to miss them. These are NOT your typical "strays." We are NOT in any position to keep them under any circumstances, sweethearts they are or no.
They came, and I was so touched by how trusting these particular dogs were. They let the dog catcher walk right up to each of them, let him put the leash on them, and each let him pick them up and into the truck. Bless his heart, one of them was a little more bewildered than his brother; he lay on the ground and was hesitant about letting him pick him up, but he still was not aggressive by any means. The other dog was more excited, with an expression of, "Oh wow! We're goin' for a ride!!"

I pray that those special dogs have found their special people by now. I pray they were chipped and their owners could be found. I pray that they can resume their family togetherness with Kibbles n Bits and Fish n Chips. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Random Thoughts

That other post was so long, and yet my brain is still racing....

Today was the first day of school for the boys. J7 was excited. He made some new friends, and he liked his teacher. :) T12 is more apprehensive, unfortunately. I mean, 7th grade is a big deal. He's finally feeling it. He was stunned to see his Texas history book, lol. I just smiled as he looked at me so incredulously when he told me how thick that sucker is. Yes, T12, I remember taking Texas history. Also, that wasn't the ONLY hunk of book I had to carry around, almost every single day, to school AND back! Who needed weight-lifting class when I carried a backpack w/ a history book??

There are also "new" discipline issues that blow his mind, such as punishing the whole class over one or two disobedient students. This is one of those things I thought nothing about b/c I experienced that when I was in junior high. Thing is, we had a couple of absolute jerks (keeping this as G as possible, lol) who made classtime disruptive, and the entire class paid for their misdeeds. Growing up, I became aware of this use of discipline in the military...which sometimes has an amazing ability to straighten out the trouble-makers...I ain't talkin' 'bout the disciplinary action itself, I'm talkin' 'bout the resulting PEER discipline, if you know what I mean! I do remember that, like the military setting, after a couple of rounds of class discipline, the trouble makers didn't think it was quite so cool to upset the rest of the group, and there became no need for punishing the entire class for misdeeds of a couple of others.

Little prayer = little power
More prayer = more power
Much prayer = much power

There are a few things I've tried to teach my boys. Life's lessons, if you will:

Say what you mean, mean what you say. (side note~~J7 used to say it this way when he was a toddler: "Mean say! Mean say!!" It brings a smile to Hubby's and my face when we heard it. :) )

Don't tell secrets, and don't tell lies.

If someone is talking badly TO you about someone else, they'll talk badly ABOUT you to someone else, too.

Words have a nasty way of coming back to haunt you. An apology is not always enough.

Think on these things before you speak:

T~~Is what I'm thinking something thoughtful? or is it careless?

H~~Is what I'm thinking about something healing? or is it harmful?

I~~Is what I'm thinking about inspirational? or is it destructive?

N~~Is what I'm thinking about necessary? or is it hurtful?

K~~Is what I'm thinking about kind? or will it cause someone pain?

I don't claim to be the perfect mom. I'm just not. I don't even really consider myself a "good" mom. What I do know, however, is that I love my boys like I love no one else.

I don't claim to be the perfect wife. I'm just not. I don't even really consider myself a "good" wife. What I do know, however, is that I love my husband like I love no one else.

I don't claim to be the perfect daughter. I'm just not. I don't even really consider myself a "good" daughter. What I do know, however, is that I love my parents like I love no one else.

I don't claim to be a perfect friend. I'm just not. I don't even really consider myself a "good" friend. What I do know, however, is that I love my friends like I love no one else.

I don't claim to be a perfect person. I'm just not. I don't even really consider myself a "good" person. What I do know, however, is that my Lord loves me like no one else does. For THAT, I am eternally grateful. : )

God's love for me enables me to love the people around me in ways I'm too personally ignorant to know and show. It's God's love in me that enables me to treat others the way I'd like to be treated. God's love toward me enables me to forgive myself when I falter~~He sees me for me in the times I see myself as an unworthy failure. God's love lifts me out of myself and kicks my hind end to be with someone else in far more real dire straights than I imagined myself to be. His instructions are not grievous, tho they may feel grievous~~feelings don't matter here, the heart is deceived when it relies solely on emotional feelings. He chastens me because I am His daughter, and He loves me. I have become a much better person because of His love. I've still got a loooooooooooong way to go, but I'm excited about what my future holds for me as He shapes me into His appropriate vessel.

I am looking forward to my church's focus for next year. :) I have attended this church for nearly 3 years now, and every church focus we've studied has been a great blessing to me and those around me. :) We are currently studying Extreme Love; the extreme Love that Jesus showered us with, how to understand that love more deeply; and most importantly, how to express it toward others. It's been an awesome experience. :)

So much to little time to do it. I guess it's a good thing all of us have the same amount of time, but there are times I'm sure we'd like just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more? "Please, Sir...I want some more." : } I'm sure there is even more that I can say because there is more that I think, but I think I'll wrap this up for now. It's been a loooooooong day today.

Monday, August 16, 2010


There are just so many thoughts running through my head, none of them particularly coherent, just there. Some of them results from emotions, some experiences, some dreams, something someone said, something I've read, some from lack of sleep, some just simply exist.

School starts for the boys 8/23, just a week away from my start of writing this post. I'm saying the word "just" a lot. No telling where this is gonna go. Anyway, the boys are kind of excited, kind of dreading it. Me? I don't know. Sometimes I'm ready for the daily school grind, other days I'm not.

This has been a HOT summer. Too HOT. I realize we've not had "THE" hottest summer ever by any means, but this summer is HOT. I really can't wait for the cold snap of 97 to kick in. What day are we on....16? 17? 18 days straight of OVER 100-degree days??? I'm not interested in being reminded of the oven of 1986. I'm well aware that was the hottest Texas summer in all my Texas existence.

I'm so proud to call myself an American. I thank God, my family and my friends who served in the Armed Forces to protect the freedoms I enjoy here in America. I can't take those brave souls for granted. Maybe that comes from being a military (Army) daughter.

John Hagee has said: "You must USE your freedom to DEFEND your freedom or your LOSE your freedom." Awful lot of truth to this. :( It's a sobering thought to realize that our freedoms are NOT "free"~~sacrifices have been made, people have died, livelihoods have been lost for our very sacred privilege that doesn't exist in any other country.

Freedom OF religion does not mean freedom FROM religion. Right now, evangelical Christians are under fire. Unfortunately, so are radical Islamists (radical Muslims). Whether they want to be or not, Jews are back on the forefront as we have a terrorist prime minster who wants to wipe the Jews and Americans off the map. Unfortunately, Jews are no strangers to wars against other nations, that's been the majority of their existence. However, just as amazingly, the Jews are a peculiar and special people in God's eye, and it would behoove us (Americans) to take note and not abandon her in her hour of need. Not necessarily that manpower will save them, because GOD is sufficient to save them~~AND HE WILL SAVE THEM, but if we are so stupid as to turn our back on Israel (which I pray would be MANY generations later, but fear that's not at all the case), then our fate will fare absolutely no better than any other nation. If we do not defend Israel, God will not see fit to defend us. Many Christians recognize this...all eyes are on Israel.

I am NOT a "homophobe" because I believe the Bible when it says homosexuality is an abomination. I do NOT wish evil or harm to anyone who is struggling or content with homosexuality. Far from it. Some of my friends are gay. I see homosexuality as sin. So is lying. So is murder. So is stealing. So is gluttony. So is witchcraft. So is anything else that God calls sin. However, I don't believe these sins DEFINE the whole person. We ALL have some kind of sin in our lives, if we are ugly and technical about judging ourselves. Christians after God's own heart are FORGIVEN sinners. I believe Jesus truly meets us where we are when we call to Him. Sinners who are deepest in sin enjoy the greatest sense of forgiveness, and I've found they are usually the easiest to forgive others.

I don't understand why certain Muslims are wanting to build a mosque so close to ground zero. I am beyond irritated at Speaker Pelosi for wanting to "investigate" and find out WHO IS FUNDING those of us who DON'T want the mosque there. What???? IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" or even about TOLERANCE BUT ABOUT honoring the sensitivity of Americans who have lost loved ones from the terrorist attack on 9/11/2001. Just because you "can" do something doesn't mean you "should." Paul tells us that all things are LAWFUL (unto him--now us) but not everything is EXPEDIENT. Sometimes it'd be better if we didn't participate in what is otherwise "legal." Today, it seems that the envelop is constantly being pushed. There is little respect for common courtesty anymore. Instead of it coming naturally, or being understood, people need to be reminded about why something may or may not be "acceptable" or "respected."
Most of those of us who oppose the mosque being built so close to ground zero DO NOT OPPOSE a mosque built at all, we just farther away, a respectful distance, from the site of ground zero. That is all. What is so difficult about understanding this??? lol, saw a line I think is apropos: "I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm just trying to explain why I'm right!"
I understand why some of my Pagan friends seriously mock Exodus 22:18, "Thou shalt not suffer (allow) a witch to live." The OT was taken literally and physically and actually killed anyone deemed a witch or otherwise involved in witchcraft. However, upon reading 1 Samuel 15:23, "For rebellion is as the SIN of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry", we get the sense that God does not intend so much for us to literally KILL the body of those who participate in witchcraft, but for Christians to PRAY for the spirit of witchcraft to be removed from that person's life. From Galatians 5:19-21, the works of the flesh are sin against the Spirit of God and manifests itself in adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revelling, and such like...none who participate in these shall inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus forgave a thief on the cross. Jesus forgave a woman caught in adultery. Jesus forgave Saul, who murdered Christians. Jesus cast out demons, allowing the person to live and fulfill his mission in them. Some of my friends have been delivered from the powers of witchcraft and are now enjoying the fruits of the Spirit in their lives.

It's time to study American history. What we have learned in school has been quite distorted~~and what's being taught in schools today is even MORE distorted! I'm almost glad that I flunked AH. Well, I didn't flunk it, but I only got enough out of it to regurgitate it back onto some nationalized test. Schools don't have time nor the means to dig into history as we should. As Glenn Beck said on one of his programs, GET TO THE SOURCE of whatever quote you're trying to learn~~get the CONTEXT of what is going on back in those days. Develop an understanding of the time, the people, and the land of the people.

I canNOT sing Come Thou Fount. It is one of THE most beautiful of all hymns to my soul, but at the same time, I cannot bear to hear it. I develop a SERIOUS case of Niagra Falls syndrome whenever I hear that hymn. The verse that opens the floodgates is: "Jesus sought me when a stranger, wandering from the fold of God; He, to rescue me from danger, interposed His precious blood." To me, that makes His atonement for me extremely personal and at the core of my heart/spirit.

I have sooooo much cleaning to do!! ((speaking of sin/spirit of uncleanness! lol)) Cleanliness has been put on the back burner this summer. I'm looking around my house and find it's TOO MUCH chaos!! It happens sometimes! ;) My boys will be in school soon, and I've made myself quite a list. Wonder how long it'll take me to get it done...I'll be done much sooner when I get off this blog! :}

This post has taken me a full week to write. It's been a busy week last week, and I'm MAKING time to see its end.

Speaking of making time for something, the Lord provoked me last night via my 7yo son. My J7 got my attention last night. He actually asked me if I could read the Bible in an hour. Oh, my!! Bless his heart! :O I had to honestly tell him that I've not even accomplished reading it in a YEAR, much less in an HOUR!! I asked him if he wanted to try to read the Bible in a year, and his response was a very enthusiastic NOD and yes. Wow. I will get him a 16-month calendar (need to refresh mine, too) and we will post on the calendar when we read together. For all my spiritual fumbling around with my boys, I must be doing SOMETHING right! :}

Saw a bumper sticker on a Hummer last week that said: "Yes, this is my truck. No, I won't help you move." Maybe he gets that a lot? ;)

A black kitty has adopted us. She's been with us for a couple of weeks now. She is extremely affectionate. She can sit on laps for hours if we let her! She makes for great difficulty in typing on computers, tho. ;) She seems really attached to every one but T12, he's too nervous around her.

Let's see, first wave of forms are filled out, lunches are packed, clothes are laid out. Gas is in the truck (you'd be amazed at how important that is, even when the school is only a few feet away!), and here I sit at 1 o'clock in the morning typing away like a fool. :} Six hours will pass waaaaaay too quickly!!

I'm looking forward to the day when I can buy QUALITY clothes for myself for greater QUANTITY of money. Tried to do a little shopping today and it just didn't work out for me. Grrrr.

On this note, I believe I will simply say a prayer for the Lord's favor to prepare friends for our students, stamina for the teachers, and a continuous hot coffee for the parents to enjoy sans children! Maybe it won't hide in the microwave so often tomorrow. :)

Blessings to all of you,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Metamorphysis of My Son

I can't get over the change that has come over my older son, T12. In another month or so, I'll be calling him T13. Not only has he grown taller over this summer, but he is really in the process into developing into quite a young man. I must say that while the process was difficult at times, so far I'm liking the results of that change.

I've always said that each stage in a child's life brings a new blessing, a new discovery, a new accomplishment, etc. It's not that past stages did not have their moments; FAR from it! The joys of watching my babies while they're babies was just as intense as watching T12 develop into a young man.

I've told T12 many times that while I was never a male, and never will be, I HAVE been a child, I HAVE been a teen, I HAVE been the older sibling, and I've got some idea about what goes through a tween's mind. He didn't believe me, until I called him on some attitude he was giving me as his mom. I reminded him that he has not experienced anything "new" that another teenager hasn't already experienced at one point or another. I've also told him that even if *I've* not been the one who has experienced certain things about growing up, his Daddy has. (oops, I suppose he'd get upset if I called his Dad "Daddy" on here...oh well, one of the prerogatives of being a mom, right? ;) He flip-flops between calling his father Dad and Daddy anyway, so there.... lol)

We've had some trials, we've had some heated discussions, and I'm very certain there will be more and deeper ones to come. As I said at the beginning of this, as a parent, I'm not fond of the process of getting him to this point, but I'm quite pleased with the results so far. Obviously, as human nature, there are some personality issues I'd like to see changed, but what I can't do, I know that if it's important to God, He can change him even more.

Right now, he's as tall as me (which isn't saying too awful much, seeings how I'm only 5'5" tall, lol). He is now wearing glasses which, I must say, gives him a very distinguished look, if I do say so myself! Hopefully he'll be wearing braces soon. He's been more attentive to cleaning up his act overall. He's making some better choices in what he gives attention to. He's slowly putting away his childish things, speaking more like maturely. He's thinking more seriously about what he'd like to explore for when that "grown up" moment arrives. I'm thankful he's developing initiative, becoming more attentive to reading his Bible and trying to apply the Word more. He's getting better about caring about other people, and he even has a kind word to say about his little brother, the middle of his bickerings with him.

The transformation is a fascinating scene to behold. I thank the Lord that I can see it with my own eyes. I pray that I can endure through the entire process and see good fruits of that process over time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

America's Birthday, 2010

In a couple more days, it will be America's birthday. I love birthdays! : D There is much to celebrate. But there is much to remember, too. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good. It seems today's Americans are wanting to remember only the excitement of winning our freedom from Great Brittain, and not the toil and sacrifice it took our founding fathers to make it so.

I will not be attending my own church's 4th of July service this Sunday, but I've gotten a little preview of what our celebration will be like. Like many of our pastor's services, this will be a time of introspection as well as celebration.
I feel like God has given me a little note about our personal responsibility that we each have in preserving our freedoms in this nation. I've said many times since President Barak Obama was elected that America as we know it is in danger of being no more. Patrick Henry was a man who saw the true dangers that our new land was facing under Brittish rule. I find it unnerving that we are in danger of running full circle back into the hands of the very people we fought against 234 years ago. China carries the greatest of our current national debt, England carries some of our debt, too. "The borrower is slave to the lender." ... "The rich ruleth over the poor." This is NOT a position we need to be in, not at all. We have become the tail, and not the head. How have we so desperately fallen??
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance." Psalm 33:12
America has tossed out God and become its own lord. We had become a rich nation who has lost its wisdom in the Lord, and as a nation we are becoming a fool.
If we are not careful, we will become a nation which battles itself, and a nation against itself cannot stand.
Our main and current warfare is not with any given person or people, but with a political ideology. In an effort to protect our nation, we have allowed our leaders to create legislation (elements of high places) which oppose the standards given by our founding fathers through the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution of the United States of America. We are allowing legislation to pass which weaken us as a whole. We have a responsibility to hold our government accountable, and we are not doing it. It is not too late. We have the greatest means of communication today that was not available centuries ago...write your government officials and make them aware of where you stand. Let us remember with sober minds the sacrifices our founding fathers made to make us an independent nation and be willing to do what we can to rebuild and preserve it.
A pep rally of fireworks and patriotic hymns should encourage us in the spirit. Let us take a moment and sing, Happy Birthday, America!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MISSING: Fascination for TWILIGHT. Can't find it Anywhere

I know, I know. This is right up there w/ being the only person on this planet who hasn't seen the TITANIC, right? It's okay by me~~doesn't bother me a bit. : }

ANYway...back to my musing....

WHAT is the fascination with the TWILIGHT series?? Even some of my devout Christian friends are into this series, having read the books and seen the movies. My husband, who is not a Christian, is as mystified about this phenomenon as I am (not so much about the overall fascination, but CHRISTIAN fascination). I personally find this disturbing and disheartening. This series is based on vampires, werewolves and other unearthly creatures, and their interaction w/ human beings. These are supposedly "moral" supernatural vampire creatures~~an upscale, more hip and modern, "beautiful" vampire tale that is far more appealing than the vampire movies of Boris Carloff's day. The vampire movies of Carloff's day made it EASY to be disenchanted w/ vampires b/c they LOOKED evil. Even Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and sequel demonstrated the clinical, shocking, and mostly apathetic "life" of vampires. As disengaged as that "life" is, Hollywood still managed to make that life enticing...the reporter learned absolutely NOTHING from his subject's interview.

However, I believe Satan has deftly honed his craft in making the unearthly seem more appealing and somehow attainable, if only through entertainment. Remember that Satan's other name is Lucifer, as he was an angel of light. He was a beautiful creature. Since his fall from God's grace, Satan's obsession is to tempt mankind away from fellowship with God. He carefully chooses our greatest weaknesses to maximize the results. Since HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT has become the hottest supernatural epic to hit the book sales, memorabilia, and the screens. The deception is that, while the series may be appealing to our physical senses, I believe it's still inherently evil because it becomes an idol, interrupting and shutting down our fellowship with God.

The Bible is explicit about the spiritual existence of angels and demons and other supernatural creatures. The Bible tells of many known and unknown human encounters with these beings. Matter of fact, Paul warns us in Hebrews 13:1-2 to "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." At the same time, we are to try every spirit, whether they be of God. If they are not, we are to abstain from them. There is repeated warnings in the Bible to remain from witchcraft and familiar spirits; not "familiar" as in a close friend, but "familiar" as in a demon or evil spirit who answers its master's call. For the most part, there is a separation between our physical world and the spirit world, with God creating the definitive line between them. Why does God lift prophets up "in the Spirit" and show them fantastic images and fantastic dreams? They serve His divine purpose, whatever it may be. Satan, through Hollywood, devises TWILIGHT as a distraction away from God's divine purpose in your life, not only as an idol but as an attractive evil, a lure into sensual darkness. Cinematic creatures are human developed to have a mind of their own, but when that season of sensual darkness ceases, those caught up in that darkness run the risk of having to obey that prince of darkness, separated from God's comfort and pleasure of life.

Perhaps it sounds silly, like the ramblings of a Christian fundie lunatic who needs to get a grip on real life. Fine, so be it. Scoff as you will. As Job basically told his friends, "Listen to what I have to say, then mock me if you must." I believe TWILIGHT has no business entering into the lives of professing Christians who are born again in the Spirit.
MISSING: Fascination with TWILIGHT. Can't find it anywhere. I don't want to find it now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

For all my friends who happen to be Moms, fulfill the role of Mom in any way; I pray you had a most blessed day today! : D

I had a wonderful and quiet day today. :) Yesterday, my guys took me out to dinner b/c it would've been too crowded for my taste today.
Today's sermon demonstrated an Extreme Mother's Day, talking about the devotion Mary, mother of Jesus, had for her son...such devotion that we see her at her son's foot of the cross. He completely fulfilled his role as her Son by making sure that his beloved disciple would take care of his mother. Why not his half-brothers? They were not there in His hour of need. His mother and brethren are those who did the will of God. His mother happened to be not only his biological mother, but his spiritual mother as well.
How many of us are not only biological mothers, but mothers in the sense that we are THERE for our children? devoted to their well-being? ready to wear whatever hat is necessary to make their lives as meaningful as possible~~ready to meet life's challenges and (from Christian perspective) be ready for God's service for whatever He has in mind for them. How many of us have had to undo hurts, steer children through life's ups and downs, be their cheerleader when they are unsure of the paths they take, celebrate when milestones are met, etc? There's a lot that goes into a Mom and to do the job well.

What are some of your memories about your mom as a child? Are there funny memories? Scary memories? Do you have memories that you hope you don't hafta live through in the eyes of your own children? What are some of your memories as a Mom today? I'm sure the list could go on! :)

I pray you didn't hafta choke down a horrible breakfast with a smile, didn't hafta clean up an impossibly monstrous mess, didn't hafta duct-tape any suddenly broken appliances, didn't hafta wear clothing you wouldn't wear if you were blind, and most importantly...didn't hafta settle an argument about who you loved more....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! : D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

All kinds of weird political news

This week seems to be overstocked with head-shaking news. The only reason I happen to know about what's on the news is b/c Hubby loves to watch the news. Left up to me, my news inlet would be extremely limited. The news does not fall under Philippians 4:8-9, my favorite verse to nourish my overall wellbeing.

What on solid earth is Ahmadinijab doing in the United Nations holding a position for women's rights (yeah, you read right, see this: or, if don't mind Fox News version, here: ) ??? How does he get off saying women in his country are "highly respected?" A woman gets stoned for having TAN LINES, and yet they are "highly respected?" I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone here. I realize that today's Western (European as well as US) society, diplomacy and attitudes are quite different than those of the Middle East (then and now), and from our perspective quite oppressive and restrictive. For all our faults in this nation, I still believe the United States of America still remains one of the greatest nations in which to live. I thank God I live here. (...but I digress, lol)
Now, at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that's more representative of the man, Ahmadinijab, we know and detest. I don't care one bit for the politics of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, but I give credit where credit is due...I'm glad to see that she isn't afraid to address this maniac for who he is. You can't be a shy wallflower in her position. She's an extremely powerful and assertive presence. You can bet he's just getting started, and so is she. May the best woman win. >: )

Also in the news is Faizal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, who decided to use his American citizenship against us. How tragic. He is just one of many examples of "bad apples" causing a growing distrust between legal immigrants and law enforcement. While he's from another part of the globe, his actions heighten anxiety of our growing IL-legal alien trouble from south of the American border. Unfortunately, every time we look around, legal immigrants from any country are being eyed with suspicion and distrust, and unfortunately they don't feel the freedom we have in this country as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Speaking of suspicion and distrust....
Arizona's state illegal immigration laws and are causing quite a ruckus across the nation as well as Arizona. There are many tweaks necessary to make these laws successful, but I believe they're off to a great start. SOMEBODY has got to do something!! However, not only are Arizona's American citizens understandably upset by what these laws potentially bring~~chiefest of issues is the impromptu demand for possible immigrants to have their papers at hand at all times in case they are stopped by local and state law enforcement for unrelated issues; but nationally, there is question about its Constitutionality. Immigration control is supposed to be federal responsibility, but our national government has largely ignored the cries of Southern-Border Americans demanding that border security be one of their top priorities. Constitutional or not, I don't blame Arizona one bit for initiating state legislation in a vigilant attempt to reclaim our country...if a few more border states follow suit, our federal government just might take notice! >:( I remember about 5 or 6 years ago when a state representative sent a survey for me to fill out, and one of the questions was, "Do you think defending our borders is important?" I wrote out to the side, "YES, did you really have to ask this???" I know it was probably not "his idea" to put that on there, except to present our concerns to his higher-ups, but I still couldn't believe that the question even HAD to be asked. Look at us now. We're over run by IL-legal aliens and our government, is way too slow in responding.

Oh, and how about those California high school students who were requested to remove their American flag shirts that they wore during Mexican and Mexican-American Cinco de Mayo day at school?? These are AMERICAN students in AMERICA wearing AMERICAN FLAG clothing on a day that happens to be on highly-celebrated day for Mexican and Mexican-Americans IN OUR COUNTRY. Yes, I can understand why the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are a little put off by this, and to a point I can understand why the school officials demanded these students to remove these articles of clothing, but let me repeat: THESE ARE AMERICAN STUDENTS IN AMERICA wearing AMERICAN FLAG clothing.
When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do; when in America, do as the Americans do.
If we were in MEXICO and they were celebrating their holiday, I would greater understand not wearing American-inspired clothing in THEIR country at this time. If we were in another country celebrating our Independence Day by wearing American flag-inspired clothing, I would also EXPECT our host nations to be able to wear clothing reflective of THEIR nation at the same time. America is a melting pot of multiple cultures and heritage. Americans celebrate MANY different festivals, celebrations, observations, cultures represented from ALL OVER THE WORLD...but we're AMERICANS FIRST.

I'm praying that we can reclaim the America we used to know and love. In some ways, we've come a long way; in others, I think we need to go back in the time machine and recapture the ideals that made us Americans in the first place.

If interested, adjustments made to the AZ Immigration legislation:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is one of J7's cutest little phrases when he was learning to talk, and it gets Hubby and me giggling every time we think of it. :) My mantra with the boys growing up, and I still say it to this day (tho not as often), is "Say what you mean, mean what you say." T12 didn't repeat that much while growing up, but I had to say that a LOT to J7. I had to make him repeat what I said to make sure he understood what I said, and in this particular instance, "Say what you mean, mean what you say" somehow turned into, "MEAN, SAY! MEAN, SAY!" J7 gave his older brother some SERIOUS grief over that little four-word phrase, lemme tell ya!

Now comes the tough part...getting J7 to balance the literal with the general. Ugh. That boy sees EV-ER-Y-THING in black and white. There is no gray. No rainbow colors, either, come to think on it. ;) Figure of speech means absolutely nothing to him. He does not take jokes and pranks well, either. Okay, so maybe I have soooooomething to do with that. Sigh. I don't like jokes that potentially hurt feelings. I don't like them done to me, and I don't like them done to other people. J7 just takes it a ((biiiiiiig)) step further. The Bible talks plenty about joking around (you can find "jest" and "sport", as in meaning "fun", in your STRONG'S concordance), but there are some genuinely funny things that happen with words, especially if they're homonyms or homophones. He finds many things funny, especially if it's in the bodily noise department (I know, groan, lol), but if he gets the idea that you're trying to trick him with words, you are in for a whollop-packed, pint-sized showdown. After all, "MEAN, SAY! MEAN, SAY!" means "SAY what you MEAN, and MEAN what you SAY!"

It's a curious observation what he might do with this perspective. I have no idea if I have the best lawyer on my hands, or the absolute worst one you can imagine. : P
I mean, I know I'm a "wordee" myself, and from time to time I might inappropriately pick you apart about words, most times w/o even realizing that I'm doing it. ((for that, I'm horribly sorry!)) However, I'm also finding that I seem to be more scatter-speeched than ever before. I'm SERIOUS!! I feel like that I can't get a sentence together w/o inadvertently mixing up certain details in what I want to say, or I got off into a seemingly unrelated tangent. It's as frustrating as it can be! :( I know lots of parents and teachers end up naming the wrong child b/c they're talking to one while looking at another, or people will mix up a couple of words to make new ones. It goes beyond that. At any given time I might mix up some thoughts as well as words and come out with an entirely different speech altogether. My mind constantly scrambles through "the best way to phrase such-n-such", and I more often than not end up with stuff that makes no sense no matter how you slice it, dice it, or even julienne fry it. That is hardly an example of "MEAN, SAY! MEAN, SAY!"

Can you tell I do better at writing than talking?? At least I have to THINK for a long time how I want to say something, and I've got that ever blessed BACKSPACE key. : D I tell you, that's the first key that gets worn off my keyboard, lol. I thank God every day that I'm born in THIS age and time so that I don't have to spend so much of my writing time w/ the correction tape (although I should've bought stock in it the 5 years I typed!!) or the White-Out (another company I was too young to buy stock in b/c I was doing high school research papers, lol). I can spend my 3 hours to make my "perfect" two-paragraph story, lol. THAT most times ends up saying what I mean so that what I mean IS what I'm saying. : ) J7 will be happy to know that, lol. : )

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Official, I'm a Neighborhood Mom

As an adult, I always thought it would be neat to be a neighborhood mom. A place where my sons' friends would feel welcome, a place they might enjoy congregating, a place where they could feel safe. So far, after fast forwarding a few years, I've not been disappointed.

When we lived in apartments, we occasionally had T12's friends come over and play, and those friends would play w/ J7, too, including him in their games even though he was very young at the time. Those were very sweet kids. :) I always liked having a reason to have treats for them, even though we were basically broke during those days.

We moved into a neighborhood completely unfamiliar with us, and it took a little while, but gradually T12 made friends with classmates who lived right around us (one across the street from us, AND he has a little brother J7's age!), and occasionally they'll pop by to visit. Now that J7 has been in school almost 2 years now (the first year we were here was very tough :( ), he's getting his OWN friends to come over and play! Plus, last year, a new family w/ a little boy about J7's age moved across the street, giving us an isosceles triangle effect, lol! They're ALL basically having a great time, and it's a joy to be a part of their lives.

We now have a "neighborhood phone list" hanging on my cabinet door, complete with friends' parents phone numbers. We're all just a phone call away. :) Kinda feel a little like June Cleaver, but without the domestic goddess part...don't know how I'd deal with an Eddy Haskell, anyway, lol. :}

What is funny is when all these friends migrate from house to house w/i the neighborhood, and it's like we parents have walkie-talkies keeping up with them all. Love it! :) We've only had one incident in which T12 and his friend "forgot" to tell us where they were going, and when I called friend's mom to alert her about our boys, the hunt was ON! By the time they wandered back over to my house 45 mins later, those two boys got "The Lecture" about wandering off w/o notifying me (or whoever's mom they were visiting) where they intended to go. All is good now! :)
Gone are the days in which children could just wander off, doing whatever spontaneous ideas that crossed their minds...the good as well as the not-so-good ideas (lol)...just so they show up at supper time. Times are becoming weirder and weirder by the hour. We live in an age of virtually instant information, which can be great and not so great at the same time. We live in an age in which safety means diligently being accountable for our whereabouts. As my momma always said, "I don't care what you're doing...I may not even like or approve what you're doing...but I gotta know where my family is!" Daddy was quite an unwitting teacher for that lesson! Yikes! :O As an adult, NOW I know what she means. Yeah, I showed up at her house totally sauced one morning (yes, someone dropped me off at "home"~~while inebriated, her house directions was a lot easier to explain than to my own, lol), but she knew I where I was the night before. She was just happy I was safe, although dissapointed in the condition I was in, and knowing that in 4 hours I needed to show up for work in MUCH better shape! I hope that if a neighbor kid didn't feel comfortable talking to their parents about serious issues, I wouldn't mind helping as I can. Somehow its easier to talk with someone more objective than your parents. Children today have it TOUGH. I'm not talking about the generational differences in technology and materialism~~that's a WHOLE new post! >:D What I'm talking about is that it seems like parents today are soooooo caught up in trying to survive in this life, or so caught up in their careers or addictions of their lives, that they've lost sight of truly caring for these children. I see a growing trend in SAHMs and WAHMs, but right now, it's not enough to bring these children back home to safety. I realize that I'm not always going to be the desirable safety net for my boys, but I pray that they have SOMEONE of my friends (most of them their friends' moms/parents) who they'll feel they can trust. I pray that they'll always have friends whose parents I could trust to let them lean on w/o judging them as quickly as a subjective parent might or would.

I pray that my boys continue to pick good friends, and to continue to be wary of not-so-good people. So far I like being a neighborhood mom. Then again, I've not hit the true teen years yet! Maybe another mom will temporary adopt him/them if mine go out of my league of momma patience and understanding? I did not grow up with male influence in my life. As my momma always said..."boys are suuuuuuure different.... Maybe another's handful would click with me better, being the more objective party? I don't know. We've all got pretty green grass right now, so I don't think it's gonna be a case of the grass is always greener on the other side. :}

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Day 2010

((for whatever reason, I kept this in my draft folder. I guess I had this vision of adding to this, lol. well, this is what it is...on to the next blog entry, lol. : } sorry, folks!))

May you each have the most blessed Resurrection Day today. Today marks a day of reflection for me. My Saviour, Jesus Christ, was crucified, died, was buried, and was the first resurrected soul who opened the gates of heaven for the rest of us. Have a most Blessed Easter.

Who was it that is famous for saying, "And now, the REST of the story?" LOL. ;) Finally getting to the rest of this post (only Wednesday after Easter least it's this WEEK, right? ;) ). We'll see if I can complete it now, lol.


"Taste and see that the LORD is good."
No, not talkin' 'bout those chocolate bunny ears, Jelly Belly jellybeans, deviled eggs, ham, lamb, roast beef, hot cross buns, or any other food treat; tho they do have their place, lol. : }

The Lord IS good to me. I am so glad that I allowed Him to be Lord and Saviour of my life. I have had to make some decisions in my life, and while that process hurt and I felt like a fumbling failure, the results of those decisions have had the greatest impact on my life.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A HELL of a Message

It is not often that I speak of hell. However, belief in hell and heaven is critical to understanding my relationship with, and my faith in, My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Understanding what He endured upon his death for me, for YOU, for each and every one of us--past, present, and future, fills my heart with unspeakable wonder and joy. The Bible tells us that Jesus was crucified, had died, was buried, was resurrected, and IS alive today, giving us the Holy Spirit to help us live this crazy world called LIFE. Today marks Jesus' descent into the place of, the torment of, and the spirit of, hell.

Hell is a hell of a place.
It's a REAL place. What scientists call the core of the earth is actually, Biblically speaking, the location of hell. Prov 15:24; Is 14:9; Amos 9:2, plenty of others. The abyssal depths of the sea contain creatures that live under phenomenal and rather "unearthly" circumstances. The Bible talks about worms that never die. Mark 9:44. Jonah talks of the deep depth of darkness in the pit in chapter 2. Jesus tells us repeatedly that hell contains unquenchable flames and fire (Luke 16:27-30; Mark 9:43-44.

Hell is a place of torment and torture, containing unending and unrelieved pain, trouble and sorrow. Whatever "hell" you believe you are experiencing here on this earth will be incomparable to the ETERNAL hell described in Luke 16; 2 Samuel 22:6; Psalm 116:3. We have the promise that whatever sorrow you're experiencing now, there WILL be an end to it; sorrow it but for a time; weeping may endure for a night, but JOY cometh in the moring. There will never be joy in hell.

Hell wasn't even originally for humans, but for Lucifer, the one-third of the angels who followed him, and it grew (enlarged) to accommodate the wicked and the nations who forget God. Psalm 9:17; Isaiah 14:12-15; Mt 25:41.

We humans are creatures who each bear a body, a soul, and a spirit. Our bodies are destined to die on this earth. Our bodies were used to function in this world of earth and are barely (if at all) conscious, or aware, of the spirit realm. Once our bodies die, our soul and spirit are separated from the body, and we become more aware of the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm then becomes more real and permanent than our physical realm on earth. Our physical realm is the place where we MUST make the decision to believe on the Name above all names, Jesus Christ. Choose ye THIS day whom you will serve. Joshua 24:15. If we fail to make that decision, confessing with our mouths to men and believing with our hearts that He truly was the Son of the Living God, who was crucified, was buried, was resurrected, and is alive forevermore, then that decision WILL BE MADE FOR YOU upon your death as a rejection of God's only begotten Son and His gift of eternal life in heaven. I don't want that for anyone!! God doesn't, either.

Ye must be born again. Don't let Jesus' atonement for your sins pass you by! Jesus loves you so much that He was willing to die for our sins and became the sacrifice for all of mankind; giving us a new start in life with God. He wants His children to want to be with Him. He is THE Father of all fathers, and we become His children throughout eternity. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life...ETERNAL LIFE. NO man can come to the Father but by Me. There are many roads that lead to Jesus, but there is only one road that leads to God the Father. There are many gates to hell. The paths to hell are broad, and many people follow after that path. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Prov 16:25. Let Jesus shine His Light, His Goodness, His Love, onto that narrow way. Put away that old man, and let Jesus make you into a new creature. Let His work begin in you.