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Monday, February 8, 2010

Political Correctness

Political Correctness, Politically Correct, PC: I have little to no patience nor tolerance of it. There. I said it. Having said that, tho, I must say the history of the terms "politically correct", "not politically correct", "PC" and "politically INcorrect" is very interesting. From Wikipedia, we can have a little history lesson about political correctness and how it's evolved into what we observe today from how it was used a coupla centuries ago.

How political correctness can be useful.

I can understand how some of what we would call "politically correct/ness" (henceforth called "PC") is helpful in general. I can understand the purpose in neutralizing potentially offensive language within a community. I can understand how changing a wording or an idea can make someone think of another person or situation or idea differently, and perhaps more favorably. I can understand wanting to break down barriers between cultures who want to be more inclusive toward each other. I can understand being sensitive to medical conditions that were and are largely misunderstood by past generations and those outside these situations. These are helpful and actually effective changes, in my most humble opinion.

How PC can contribute to problems we are already experiencing.

My observation about being PC is that IT'S CONSTANTLY CHANGING. Some change is good. Some other changes are not. What are these changes based on? My answer: ACCEPTANCE through ASSOCIATION or DISASSOCIATION. Why do we humans seek acceptance to the point that we are willing to change our language to fit in, or join in, or just to be accepted in, a society that may not be a fit for us? Why do we seek to disassociate ourselves from people who claim similarities but display unfavorable differences? Why not be proud of who we are whether or not society attempts to dress us up to be accepted? Why should what someone else say determine whether we are what we are? Being white is not a bad thing. Being black is not a bad thing. Being from Mexico is not a bad thing. Being an (American) Indian is not a bad thing. Why is it necessary to say we're Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American to identify ourselves? Words don't change our skin color. Words don't change our sex. Words don't change our physical features. Words don't change our beliefs. Words don't change our attitudes~~well, for the purpose of this paragraph, it doesn't.


Politically speaking, I'm a Republican. I am proud to be a Republican. Why am I a Republican? I believe in the classic ideology of the Republican party~~if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!! From my observation, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with how our founding fathers created our nation, providing "simple" documents that SHOULD be able to hold its own w/ minor necessary changes. However, seeings how there are not a lot of Republicans-in-name supporting classic views of its people, fellow Republicans are now searching for "Conservatives" or "Right-wing" support in government. Why did the name need to change? Why not change back what did change that didn't need to be changed to begin with? (lol, didya follow that? ;) ) The exact same thing is happening for those who hold to more Democratic views. The classic ideology of the Democrats is currently not even in existence today in the White House. Now everyday Democrats are having to identify themselves as either "Moderate" or "Liberal" to get the attention of the Democrats in the White House! What is next? Why not send a message to the Democratic party to get back to the original Democratic ideology and quit allowing them to drive a deeper wedge into the American people? We used to be a unique nation who thrived on our unique way of government. Now we're trying to take hold centuries-old ideas that led to their down fall. Are we trying to find a politically correct term for this, too? Eventually, there will be something wrong with "Independent", too. Don't they realize this?

Religiously speaking, I am a Bible-believing Christian. I am a "fundamentalist" by classic definition (Biblical inerrancy; Virgin birth and deity of Jesus; Jesus' atonement for sins of the world past, present and future; death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; belief in the Second Coming of Christ w/ End-time manifestations). I do not toss aside my beliefs in the wake of fellow "fundies" misbehaving in an unChrsitian manner. I don't see the point in "disassociating" myself as a Bible-believing Christian b/c the behavior of some is nonbefitting a Christian. What they do or don't do does not change what I believe. God is still God and His Word is still His Word no matter what people do in the name of Christianity, God, Jesus, Scriptures, the Bible, etc. People may (and do) change, but God has not, nor will He. Society should not be the standard by whether or not Christians call themselves Christians. Nor should society be the defining "standard" by which we believe as we believe, Christian (Protestant, Catholic, etc) or otherwise (Buddhist, Muslims, Atheists, etc). Religious beliefs should not be treated as a fashion statement for the season, month, week, day, hour. A leapard cannot change its spot simply b/c it wants to fit in with tigers. A spot is a spot, and a stripe is a stipe. It's my observance that God knows our deep secrets even better than we do, no matter how we try to cover them up, or create a show for it, by use of political correctness.

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