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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Oh my goodness. Real, live, honest-to-goodness SNOW!! :D As you can probably guess....this doesn't happen here very often. Snow. The light powdery stuff that other states take for granted. The soft blankets that gently cover the land. The noise insulation that muffles the drop of a pin. Wonderful snow.

It is soooooooo beautiful outside. My boys had a fantastic time playing in the stuff, and to think they'll have NEW pile to play in tomorrow!! Like I said...this doesn't happen 'round here much. I'm not sure of the official report, but I understand that we actually broke a record today. We normally get about an inch, at the most, of snow ONE time during any given winter. We normally either hit or miss watching the snow come down. If you blink you missed the action, but you may have seen the results left behind. It actually snowed ALL DAY LONG today!! It only let up for a few minutes at a time...that's it! The boys and the neighbors actually built a serious snow family and STILL had snow left!! I think we ended up with about 8-10 inches of snow today. That has never happened since I lived in Texas in Feb 1978. I've got a picture of me and my younger sister with a "snow man" made from snow (and dirt) in a little sand bucket~~that means it was only about a foot tall, lol. That was all the snow we could muster then.
Hubby was very excited today about the snow. He said THIS was the kind of snow days he remembered growing up with as a child. He said that there was usually one good snow every winter. Every "snow" MY family experienced was more ice than snow. :( When we first came to Texas, we had never seen snow b/c it just didn't snow in Florida at the time. Lemme tell ya, there is a HUGE difference b/t walking on the beach and skating on your hind end b/c you kept slipping and falling on the ice covered by that "sheet" of snow. :(
This is our second bout with snow this winter already. We actually had a WHITE CHRISTMAS just last year! Awesome. Beautiful.

This is the kind of snow that brings to mind the verse from Isaiah 1:18
"...though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow..."
The pristineness of today's snow is just breathtaking to me, as I'm sure you've figured out by now. : } It's a rare treat for me. I'm loving it.
"Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?" Job 38:22

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