Scripture Verse of the Day

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Okay, we've already got one week of the new month of the new year under our belt! How did it go??

Just a wild observation on my I the only one who has had no trouble adjusting to writing the year 2012? Most other years, I've struggled for a week or even as long as a month to remember to write the number of the new year. :)

I'm LOVING the arrival of 2012. I see so many dreams, I see so many possibilities, I see so many goals to set and meet. It's amazing.

That is not to say that 2011 was a totally bad year. Actually, I don't see it quite that way. Was it a year of hope? No, not really. Was it a year of smooth sailing? Lemme assure you...ABSOLUTELY NOT! Last year, for me, was a year of many transitions. The Bible talks of Israel going through birth pangs just before a transition is complete? Last year was my year of travail.

I've got a new job. I've got new decisions to make for my teenager heading into high school next year (AAAAACK!!!!!). I've got new personal goals. I see myself meeting those goals. I see the beginning of a new life for me and my family. :)

I've given up on making "New Year's resolutions." I have open-ended goals that I hope to check off at the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

Our weather is basically "back to normal" this year. By this time last year, we've already had a couple of "major" winter storm systems move through, with more to come--VERY strange weather for North Texas! : D I hope we get our cold spells this year. I would like to see some real snow this year. I love what the Bible tells us in Isaiah 1:18: "...though your sins be scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be as wool." We are blessed to see cardinals during the winter time, and when you see them against the stark white snow, the contrast and the picture of that verse comes to life.

I enjoy the cold. It could be that I am blessed to be at home and don't hafta get out in the messy cold if I don't want to, but I enjoy the reason to wear sweaters, sweatpants and shirts, and jeans, and jackets (we didn't really need a "coat" until last year!) for this very short time of Texas year. Our hot days will be here sooooooon enough, and last as forever long, lol. :}
This is our time of soups, hot chocolate, roasts, and all kinds of cozy treats that only happen during this time of year.
This is our time for indoor activities such as reading, sewing (which I've gotta relearn, lol), art, playing games, etc. When I am outside, a walk in the crisp cold is more fun to me than sweltering in the summer heat.

I pray that each one of you have a wonderful year this year, complete with prosperity of health, wealth, and happiness.