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Monday, October 15, 2012

In Holiday Memory Fondness

This particular time of year is a time when I miss my parents-in-law the most. :(
It's been 10 years since FIL passed away, and 6 years since MIL passed away, both from different cancers.
FIL used to get such a huge tickle out of us visiting him, especially when T15 came along. The bond between them was precious to see. Some of their favorite times together was going to the "Big Cow" restaurant. It didn't matter if FIL wanted to go somewhere else, he'd always ask T15 where he wanted to go to eat, and he always replied, "The Big Cow!" There was a buffet restaurant we went to in OK that always had a huge cow in front of it. It has since closed down. The other fun thing was for Granddaddy and T15 to carve pumpkins. That was pretty much "their" specialty. Good times there. :)

MIL LOVED holidays, starting with Halloween. She always made a big to-do w/ almost all of the holidays, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were holidays she loved, Chris

tmas being her favorite time to decorate. She hand made much of her decorations, and it was always fun to see what she'd put up the next year. She had an activity with each one of her grandchildren. As a matter of fact, in April she had Christmas plans for something with J9 that she never got to do--I don't even remember what it was, it was still in formation. That particular dream was cut off less than 2 weeks later. At least J9 got to meet his Gr'ma, but she passed away when he was only 3. I think he would've totally enjoyed his Granddaddy just like his brother did.

I'm very proud to have married their son. I treasure the times we did get to spend with them. Though tears trickle down my face as I think of them, missing them, I have nothing but fond memories of both of them.
Till we all meet again in that home beyond the skies, their sweet memories linger on.