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Monday, January 18, 2010

Infrequent Ironing Miles

Yeah, you read right. I haven't ironed anything of significance in over 20 years. Unfortunately, it shows, lol. : }

I'm working on a sewing project, and if you sew, you know that with sewing comes ironing. Why I chose a fabric that wrinkles like it does for a Bible cover, I have no idea, but it seems like as soon as I iron out one wrinkle, I'm lookin' at 5 more. Not a brilliant move on my part. : P Still, the fabric is a beautiful color, and it's one I think my aunt will thoroughly enjoy when I get it done. I'm hoping so, anyway.

Hunting down the iron was a trip. I have managed to move my iron from my old apartment to our current house 3 years ago. We actually have a laundry space in the garage (apt contained a linen closet where it was stored before), so I finally looked there and found it. That took about an hour. Another 15 minutes later, I finally found that collapsable ironing board. Oh my goodness, that board is enough to cure any habitual desire to iron! It took me longer to figure out how to work the lever thingy (to drop the leg frame so it will stand up) than to iron out that little 46 in x 18 in piece of material! >:( Trying to remember what materials qualified for what settings was a trip, too. Left up to me, it's gonna go all the way back whether it's silk or cotton/linen. The only materials I know without much thought is corduroy and cotton. I did figure out that silk and polyester melt under those highest temps. : P I sure hope I don't need those things for another decade or so, but I probably will, and soon.

How have I survived this long without ironing much, if anything? Simple. We wear perma-press fabrics and whatever wrinkly stuff we do wear, it's of no social consequence. Hubby and I try our ultimate best to dive for the dryer before it cuts off and zip our clothes onto a hanger before it has a chance to be fruitful and multiply wrinkles. If we don't succeed, then we toss a wet rag in that load and dry it some more, then try again. No, we don't live in a fresh-pressed world, as you can guess. If hubby or I end up needing to dress up for an interview or something, we'll need some notice, lol. ; )

To think that when I was a teen I spent time ironing my own clothes so they'd look nice. I guess since then I've gotten so busy that I never made time for that any more, then I discovered that in the grand scheme of Estelle world, it didn't really matter.
((Wonder if those ironing miles are any good now? LOL, probably not. : } ))

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