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Friday, January 22, 2010

Baking Goodies Warm the Souls

When it's cold and miserable outside, I like to bake. :) My boys like it when I bake, too. ;)
I am hard pressed to bake anything during the warm months. Summer is grill time as far as I'm concerned. But winter time~~the shortest season of the year for us? You just might find me hovering over cook books or the "playing" in the kitchen. I've got a comfortable assortment of appliances and gadgets to make almost whatever I want to make.

I have overnight waffles in the fridge right now so that when I get up tomorrow morning, I can just ladle waffle batter into the waffler and make some yummy treats. :) I'm contemplating making some English muffins~~there are so many wonderful uses for English muffins! :D I've never made any before, but I LOVE taking a toasted English muffin and putting a good pat of butter on it until it melted into all the crannies. :) I will probably bake some foccacia bread for lunch tomorrow. T12 wants a tuna melt on that bread, and I think it's time for another spaghetti dinner anyway.
I am kind of lamenting that I didn't make some of the more "traditional holiday" baking this year. I don't really know what happened this past holiday season, but baking just didn't work for me this last time. I guess my mind was so distracted with so many other things that eggs became remote control and milk became email and oil became the signature line on countless forms from school, not to mention I'm still dusting flour from the keyboard. LOL, I guess I was more distracted than I want to admit. I kept forgetting ingredients, putting too much of something b/c I miscounted, combining recipes I didn't mean to combine (yes, I do combine recipes at times, not so easy!) Yes, I need to get back to baking and get my groove back. :}

The waffles in the morning will be a great start! Oooooh, chocolate chip cookies! Maybe I'll make oatmeal raisin cookies, instead. J7 has been hankering for some gingerbread cupcakes, too. Time to get busy. That smile is creeping back on my face as I see my happy boys eat the products of baking. :)

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  1. You know I love me some baked goods! I LOVE to cook/bake.