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Saturday, January 9, 2010

GREASE to the Future, Sort of

A couple of nights ago, on one of those super rare moments of Momma-is-gonna-watch-the-tv-in-peace moments, I was flippin' thru the guide to see if there is som'n worth watching. I found a channel with the title labeled as GREASE. I smiled. That is one of those movies most people don't wanna admit they like. Well, I DO...SO THERE!! :) I selected the channel, and it turns out that it's not the original GREASE, as in the Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta version, but GREASE 2 with Adrian Zmed (more famous for his T.J. Hooker role) and Michelle Pfeiffer. Okay, that one is cheesy one, too, but I like it for different reasons.

That got me to thinking.... What would happen if there was a GREASE for each subsequent decade? You got the car issue with lots of dancing in GREASE ('50s), you got the motorcycle issue and lots of singing in GREASE 2 ('60s), how about a showdown with muscle cars and guitars in GREASE (3~'70s), maybe starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Moss? We need a gorgeous red-headed leading lady in a GREASE movie! She currently does those Mott's apple juice commercials. I think they can pull off the flower child, disco circuit, don't you? Dig out those lame (la-MAY) disco dresses and bell bottom jeans! Surely the teens didn't wear leisure suits, did they? :O

Let's talk about the '80s (what does that make now, GREASE 4?). This is more my least that's what I thought. Do you know I can't think of a "vehicle" setting for the '80s? Now the music?? THAT's easy-peasy! Welcome the age of synthesized sounds! : D Add some pop to the mix, and it was a very well-rounded age, lol. Oh, and boy did we ever "get physical" then, with a little footloosing flashdance thrown into the scene! ;) Hmmm, let's see who could star in our '80s version of GREASE.... Macaulay Culkin and Kate Hudson might work here. I mean, think of it, Macaulay has the potential face and hair look that can reproduce those electronic sounds of those days. Kate Hudson can pull off the big hair complete with 10 pounds of Aqua Net and Rave, I just know it! It was not only about the music then, but the look, too!

Starting in the '90s, I kinda got out of the entertainment circuit. I've not paid too much attention to the goings on during the next 2 decades, so have no ideas how to dream up a GREASE scene here. I think you'd start seeing more rap stuff during this era but, because this isn't my cup of tea, I'm having a little difficulty imagining a rapping Rydell High for GREASE 5, y'know? I know Cuba Gooding, Jr or Will Smith are forever young and could easily pull off this gig somehow. How about adding Halle Berry to the mix? I'm having trouble imagining Drew Berrymore pulling this off, as talented as she is. She is the next closest possibility I could think of. I don't know that Sandra Bullock has it in her, but maybe she does. Hmmm, now it's starting to look more like FAME instead of GREASE. Sigh.

Maybe I just shouldn't even go into the millenial GREASE. I mean, how personally interactive could millenial greasers be with all the cell phone and now texting stuff, huh? I could never serve it justice under any circumstances. Then again, perhaps GREASE is happiest back into the '50s and '60s without looking into the future.

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