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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Will We Actually Experience a True Winter in North Texas?

I am not believing this winter so far! We have actually had temperatures low enough for a long enough time to complete a proper load of laundry! This has been going on since about October. I know some of you don't get it. You are battened down for the winter b/c that's your "norm" and you'll experience your spring thaw sometime in March or even May/June. That, or you live in the likes of Florida, where a "cold front" is equivalent to 80 degrees for the lows. Well, in my part of Texas, we get 24-48-hour "winter blasts." Literally, our temperatures can be highs in the 30s for one day and 70s and even 80s the next. Anyone wonder why we seem to have large closets in Texas? No, it has noth'n to do with "Everything's bigger and better in Texas." We simply cannot afford to put away seasonal clothing! :O I'm SERIOUS!! At any given time of the year, with the exception of July and August, you will need sweats, AND shorts, AND sweaters, AND swimsuits, AND jeans, AND t-shirts, AND flannel lumberjack shirts, etc; and you will launder them all at the same time. With the exception of July and August, and THIS winter season, I don't launder just summer or winter or fall or spring stuff; the swimsuits get washed along with my sweats. Crazy, huh? Well, that's our "norm."

Tonight, we are supposedly going to get rain. Well, it's also freezing outside. That means that MOST LIKELY there will be no school tomorrow for the boys. It has nothing to do with "snow" but everything to do with ice. Have you seen Texans driving on ice??? We're nutcases!! We have this crazy notion that we can drive on the hightway the same speed as we do on a dry sunny day. When we should be paying more attention to the roads, it seems that's the time to find out what more our Blackberry can do (no, don't have one of those gizmos; prob'ly won't 'til they're obsolete, lol).

On Christmas Eve, we were traveling from my sister-in-law's place to our home, roughly 120 miles away, and it wasn't until we arrived within our city limits that I saw it...our first White Christmas since 1929. Wow. That was som'n, lemme tell ya! Part of our freeway was blocked off in the wee hours of the night, and I saw a truck beside us with snow all over it. I couldn't believe it. I asked hubby, "Where did that guy come from that he has so much snow on his truck??" A few crawling feet later, I happened to look to my right, and there on the banks of our highway was a beautiful blanket of snow. We were stunned. We finally had a genuine article White Christmas! We always had snow just before or just after Christmas, but NEVER on Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. When we finally arrived at our house, the snow was so pristine that we couldn't bear to mess it up with footprints. We kept it minimal. ;)

My local friend told me that she had snow (she's about 15 miles from me) again just before New Year's, but it didn't reach my way. It sounded like her children had so much fun, from the eldest to the toddler. It would be nice if the boys got some bang for their buck tomorrow. I mean, if they're gonna be out of school, couldn't we have a little snow to have a little fun in? We've already seen more snow days this year than we've seen in 2 previous years put together!

A true winter in North Texas. What an awesome experience to behold! The snow doesn't last here, but the colder days are finally lasting a little longer this year. I think we're ready for it.

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  1. Well, we have a sack of snowballs in the freezer that SGTex made for the puppies- how's that for some summertime fun? :+D LOL!!