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Saturday, September 25, 2010


The British Bulldogs, that is! ;)
I was greeted this morning with my little guy, J7, telling me while I'm still asleep, that there are two dogs in our yard. My first thoughts were NOT, "Oh, how SWEET!" My first groggy thoughts were, "Oh NO!" J7 is really excited and is trying to get me to show the same excitement as he leads me sleepily to the back door. Then I see them....they are not errant guard dogs prevalent in our neighborhood, but two English Bulldogs with unusual markings. They are wet. They are muddy. I can tell they are newly lost. It's obvious they were brothers. They have thick leather collars, but neither one of them have tags. Reluctantly, I let them into the house so that they could dry off and I could give them a bite to eat.

I was sooooo amazed at how sweet and obedient they were the short time they were here. :) Yeah, they were a bit clumsy, frisky and rambunctious, but when I told them to get down, they immediately got down. They were extremely gentle when hopping up to lean on me, not jumping at all. I was amazed at how gentle they were with J7, because they made a point to stand on their hind legs before attempting to lean on him. They were his height, so they kinda met him face to face. I was proud of my son for not being too startled, but when I told them to get down, they did. They trotted through my kitchen and living room with cartoon-like muddy feet. I got them some leftover cooked meat that I had in the freezer, thawed it out and gave it to them to eat. They each waited patiently to get their portion, which I find unusual.

I wanted Hubby to see them, but he was at work, and he would not be getting off until late afternoon. :( In the meantime, I know that some person, or some family, will desperately be looking for these fine chaps. I know I would be if they were mine. They were well cared for; lovable, docile, and obedient. Time, love, and family developed these dogs, and they need to be returned to their owners as fast as humanly possible.

I called our city's animal services. I told them on the phone that these were special dogs that belong to some one, or some family, who is sure to miss them. These are NOT your typical "strays." We are NOT in any position to keep them under any circumstances, sweethearts they are or no.
They came, and I was so touched by how trusting these particular dogs were. They let the dog catcher walk right up to each of them, let him put the leash on them, and each let him pick them up and into the truck. Bless his heart, one of them was a little more bewildered than his brother; he lay on the ground and was hesitant about letting him pick him up, but he still was not aggressive by any means. The other dog was more excited, with an expression of, "Oh wow! We're goin' for a ride!!"

I pray that those special dogs have found their special people by now. I pray they were chipped and their owners could be found. I pray that they can resume their family togetherness with Kibbles n Bits and Fish n Chips. :)

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