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Saturday, May 8, 2010

All kinds of weird political news

This week seems to be overstocked with head-shaking news. The only reason I happen to know about what's on the news is b/c Hubby loves to watch the news. Left up to me, my news inlet would be extremely limited. The news does not fall under Philippians 4:8-9, my favorite verse to nourish my overall wellbeing.

What on solid earth is Ahmadinijab doing in the United Nations holding a position for women's rights (yeah, you read right, see this: or, if don't mind Fox News version, here: ) ??? How does he get off saying women in his country are "highly respected?" A woman gets stoned for having TAN LINES, and yet they are "highly respected?" I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone here. I realize that today's Western (European as well as US) society, diplomacy and attitudes are quite different than those of the Middle East (then and now), and from our perspective quite oppressive and restrictive. For all our faults in this nation, I still believe the United States of America still remains one of the greatest nations in which to live. I thank God I live here. (...but I digress, lol)
Now, at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that's more representative of the man, Ahmadinijab, we know and detest. I don't care one bit for the politics of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, but I give credit where credit is due...I'm glad to see that she isn't afraid to address this maniac for who he is. You can't be a shy wallflower in her position. She's an extremely powerful and assertive presence. You can bet he's just getting started, and so is she. May the best woman win. >: )

Also in the news is Faizal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, who decided to use his American citizenship against us. How tragic. He is just one of many examples of "bad apples" causing a growing distrust between legal immigrants and law enforcement. While he's from another part of the globe, his actions heighten anxiety of our growing IL-legal alien trouble from south of the American border. Unfortunately, every time we look around, legal immigrants from any country are being eyed with suspicion and distrust, and unfortunately they don't feel the freedom we have in this country as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Speaking of suspicion and distrust....
Arizona's state illegal immigration laws and are causing quite a ruckus across the nation as well as Arizona. There are many tweaks necessary to make these laws successful, but I believe they're off to a great start. SOMEBODY has got to do something!! However, not only are Arizona's American citizens understandably upset by what these laws potentially bring~~chiefest of issues is the impromptu demand for possible immigrants to have their papers at hand at all times in case they are stopped by local and state law enforcement for unrelated issues; but nationally, there is question about its Constitutionality. Immigration control is supposed to be federal responsibility, but our national government has largely ignored the cries of Southern-Border Americans demanding that border security be one of their top priorities. Constitutional or not, I don't blame Arizona one bit for initiating state legislation in a vigilant attempt to reclaim our country...if a few more border states follow suit, our federal government just might take notice! >:( I remember about 5 or 6 years ago when a state representative sent a survey for me to fill out, and one of the questions was, "Do you think defending our borders is important?" I wrote out to the side, "YES, did you really have to ask this???" I know it was probably not "his idea" to put that on there, except to present our concerns to his higher-ups, but I still couldn't believe that the question even HAD to be asked. Look at us now. We're over run by IL-legal aliens and our government, is way too slow in responding.

Oh, and how about those California high school students who were requested to remove their American flag shirts that they wore during Mexican and Mexican-American Cinco de Mayo day at school?? These are AMERICAN students in AMERICA wearing AMERICAN FLAG clothing on a day that happens to be on highly-celebrated day for Mexican and Mexican-Americans IN OUR COUNTRY. Yes, I can understand why the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are a little put off by this, and to a point I can understand why the school officials demanded these students to remove these articles of clothing, but let me repeat: THESE ARE AMERICAN STUDENTS IN AMERICA wearing AMERICAN FLAG clothing.
When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do; when in America, do as the Americans do.
If we were in MEXICO and they were celebrating their holiday, I would greater understand not wearing American-inspired clothing in THEIR country at this time. If we were in another country celebrating our Independence Day by wearing American flag-inspired clothing, I would also EXPECT our host nations to be able to wear clothing reflective of THEIR nation at the same time. America is a melting pot of multiple cultures and heritage. Americans celebrate MANY different festivals, celebrations, observations, cultures represented from ALL OVER THE WORLD...but we're AMERICANS FIRST.

I'm praying that we can reclaim the America we used to know and love. In some ways, we've come a long way; in others, I think we need to go back in the time machine and recapture the ideals that made us Americans in the first place.

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