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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Metamorphysis of My Son

I can't get over the change that has come over my older son, T12. In another month or so, I'll be calling him T13. Not only has he grown taller over this summer, but he is really in the process into developing into quite a young man. I must say that while the process was difficult at times, so far I'm liking the results of that change.

I've always said that each stage in a child's life brings a new blessing, a new discovery, a new accomplishment, etc. It's not that past stages did not have their moments; FAR from it! The joys of watching my babies while they're babies was just as intense as watching T12 develop into a young man.

I've told T12 many times that while I was never a male, and never will be, I HAVE been a child, I HAVE been a teen, I HAVE been the older sibling, and I've got some idea about what goes through a tween's mind. He didn't believe me, until I called him on some attitude he was giving me as his mom. I reminded him that he has not experienced anything "new" that another teenager hasn't already experienced at one point or another. I've also told him that even if *I've* not been the one who has experienced certain things about growing up, his Daddy has. (oops, I suppose he'd get upset if I called his Dad "Daddy" on here...oh well, one of the prerogatives of being a mom, right? ;) He flip-flops between calling his father Dad and Daddy anyway, so there.... lol)

We've had some trials, we've had some heated discussions, and I'm very certain there will be more and deeper ones to come. As I said at the beginning of this, as a parent, I'm not fond of the process of getting him to this point, but I'm quite pleased with the results so far. Obviously, as human nature, there are some personality issues I'd like to see changed, but what I can't do, I know that if it's important to God, He can change him even more.

Right now, he's as tall as me (which isn't saying too awful much, seeings how I'm only 5'5" tall, lol). He is now wearing glasses which, I must say, gives him a very distinguished look, if I do say so myself! Hopefully he'll be wearing braces soon. He's been more attentive to cleaning up his act overall. He's making some better choices in what he gives attention to. He's slowly putting away his childish things, speaking more like maturely. He's thinking more seriously about what he'd like to explore for when that "grown up" moment arrives. I'm thankful he's developing initiative, becoming more attentive to reading his Bible and trying to apply the Word more. He's getting better about caring about other people, and he even has a kind word to say about his little brother, the middle of his bickerings with him.

The transformation is a fascinating scene to behold. I thank the Lord that I can see it with my own eyes. I pray that I can endure through the entire process and see good fruits of that process over time.

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