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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

For all my friends who happen to be Moms, fulfill the role of Mom in any way; I pray you had a most blessed day today! : D

I had a wonderful and quiet day today. :) Yesterday, my guys took me out to dinner b/c it would've been too crowded for my taste today.
Today's sermon demonstrated an Extreme Mother's Day, talking about the devotion Mary, mother of Jesus, had for her son...such devotion that we see her at her son's foot of the cross. He completely fulfilled his role as her Son by making sure that his beloved disciple would take care of his mother. Why not his half-brothers? They were not there in His hour of need. His mother and brethren are those who did the will of God. His mother happened to be not only his biological mother, but his spiritual mother as well.
How many of us are not only biological mothers, but mothers in the sense that we are THERE for our children? devoted to their well-being? ready to wear whatever hat is necessary to make their lives as meaningful as possible~~ready to meet life's challenges and (from Christian perspective) be ready for God's service for whatever He has in mind for them. How many of us have had to undo hurts, steer children through life's ups and downs, be their cheerleader when they are unsure of the paths they take, celebrate when milestones are met, etc? There's a lot that goes into a Mom and to do the job well.

What are some of your memories about your mom as a child? Are there funny memories? Scary memories? Do you have memories that you hope you don't hafta live through in the eyes of your own children? What are some of your memories as a Mom today? I'm sure the list could go on! :)

I pray you didn't hafta choke down a horrible breakfast with a smile, didn't hafta clean up an impossibly monstrous mess, didn't hafta duct-tape any suddenly broken appliances, didn't hafta wear clothing you wouldn't wear if you were blind, and most importantly...didn't hafta settle an argument about who you loved more....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! : D

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  1. Glad you had a good Mom's Day, Estelle. It's quite apparent that your role as Mom to your boys is taken very seriously and your love for them is manifest in many ways- they're lucky and will no doubt grow up in a good way because of who you are. Keep up the good work!

    Shawn ;+)