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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scariest Thing About Halloween Could Be Mom

I feel bad for J7. I really do. Not bad enough to go trick-or-treating tonight, tho.
We went to our church's Fun Fall Fest last night, he got to play on the bounce-house obstacle course for almost the entire 2 hours available, with an occasional bounce-house jumping in between, along with four little "carnival" games. He had a blast, was worn out, and crashed before we got home (ya think?? lol).

Tonight my enthusiasm, what little I might could've usually mustered for Halloween, vanished. I could not bring myself to take my little man trick-or-treating. Call me an evil mom, I'm sure I deserve it to an extent. Hubby had hurt his foot earlier last week and was really feeling it today, so it was out for him to take the little guy trick-or-treating. T13 was sick with allergies getting the best of him, and he needs to recover so he can go to school tomorrow.

I don't care for Halloween. Never did. In 2nd grade I was scared witless by a witch who was a leeeeeeeeeeettle too convincing in my young mind, and perhaps I never got over it. Sure, I dressed up and attended a couple of parties, but when I had a say about participating or not, most times I did not. As I got older and could stay out later, I saw costumes that were just horrible. In my opinion, it went beyond wicked to just plain gross and disgusting, and why would I want to be in the thick of it? That's just not me.
As a Christian, I've done my studies about where Halloween came from, the secular and Christian implications of Halloween, traditions collected from other cultures, Pagan celebrations that still go on to this day, etc. It's my opinion that, for the most part, Halloween is a holiday best left alone. There are some interesting and fascinating aspects of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, etc, but they mean little to me personally. It is my conviction that Christians shouldn't have any business with Halloween, but obviously, that opinion is not widely shared, nor should it be unless the Lord convicts the heart the same way.

Still, we got to go to the Fun Fall Fest last night...doesn't that account for SOME-thing? I mean, he made off with more candy than he can handle (he won't see most of it~~he doesn't function if he gets too much sugar in his system, and most of his candies were colored and flavored sugar confections), it didn't count. After all, today was a brand new day from yesterday, and today is "THE" day, Halloween Day, and we just didn't make it out trick-or-treating tonight. Not that our neighborhood is particularly trick-or-treater friendly, and our old neighborhood is a bit sparce nowadays.
Earlier in the day I had planned to take him to another local church-based Fall Harvest Festival, but when I woke up from my nap, I felt horrible and just didn't want to move. What a selfish witch I am. Like I said, scariest thing in my poor J7's life right now seems to be his own mother. :( The most I can say to that is, "Boo, Humboogey.

We read a couple of little stories together, and I think he's on the road to forgiving me, but that will only last long enough for his classmates to share their tall tales about the loot they made off with tonight. : { I'll definitely be on the receiving end of the monster mash.

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