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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ginner'nap Cookies

I was at work straightening candle shelves when I came across a stray Christmas candle, which should've been in the Christmas markdowns. I smiled when I picked it up. It was Iced Gingerbread scent. One of my J8's favorite cookies is gingersnap cookies. He has long since corrected his speech, but while he was learning to talk he had trouble with his consonant blends and multiple syllables. I smile at the memory of those learning days. :)

For both boys, I have written down a lot of their mispronounciations (with translations). T13 is not too interested in how he learned to talk as a youngster. However, J8 constantly asks me how he said _________ "when I was a baby"...never mind that he didn't talk until he was almost 3 years old and that some of his mispronounciations happened when he was 5 or 6. He gets the cutest missing-two-front-teeth grin on his face and asks me to say it again. :) Then he'll say it for a little bit, then he'll ask me, "Did I really say it like that??" Yes, Sweetpea, you did. :)

Y'know, with Valentine's Day arriving in just a few days, I think I just might surprise the little fella with some heart-shaped ginner'nap cookies. You know I'll be smilin' while I bake them, too. There's nothing quite like momma memories of little folks. :)


  1. Hey, you've read my mind. The other day I was thinking about gingerbread hearts-- nothing better w/a tall glass of milk and some hot coffee. (Do your boys drink coffee? LOL!!!) Happy Valentine's Season

  2. LOL, actually, J8 DOES drink coffee!! :O We have a mini coffee cup that holds about 4 oz of fluid. He makes about 2 oz of coffee w/ a well-rounded tsp of sugar (he'd love more if I let him!) and the other 2 oz of milk. Then he takes about 3-4 sips of coffee and he's done, lol.