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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I don't know about anyone else, but watching the phenomenal videos of the earthquake and immediate tsunami that demolished much, if not almost all, of Japan seemed utterly surreal. It simply could not be happening!! It's like watching a movie, expecting to see action but still hoping for a wrap-up happy ending. Unfortunately, Japan's nightmare has JUST begun. :( Top this with a rippling effect into Hawaii, and even California and Oregon's Pacific coastline, and you've got ONE of the greatest natural disasters in recent recorded history. The multiple and intense aftershocks of the original earthquake to hit Japan have already surpassed anything the rest of the world has experienced in recent years.

Prayers must go out to these devastated people. Help must go out to these devastated people. No mere words can express the overwhelming suffering this nation is enduring at this time, with more to come. Millions, not thousands...millions of Japanese lives have been shattered over the last 72 hours. Numerous are killed, even more are unaccounted for and feared dead. My heart broke for this one lady who was hoping to find her elderly mother at home, and the only thing she found was desolate emptiness. Still, they must move on. Already they are facing damaged nuclear reactor facilities that could easily destroy whatever is left. Are we prepared for any similar events here in the United States? I daresay not.

Is there any way we could be prepared?? I don't know that it's truly possible to be totally prepared for natural disasters, wherever or whenever they may strike. We can learn from past mistakes, build things stronger and better, become educated in possible remedies, stockpile foods and supplies (which can still be destroyed), but to have foresight to withstand what can come from the movie scripts and screens into real life? I truly don't think there is any way we can preserve what we have if the balance of nature remains off kilter. However, that should not discourage us from trying.

Hollywood has been making movies about the end-of-the-world type disasters for years. Some of them seem a bit far-fetched, but are they really? Not according to Biblical prophesy. Natural earth rages have been going on for several thousand years of recorded history...every land has experienced some form of devastation. While many will dismiss these events as either flukes, man-made stupidity (is any one of us that smart and powerful??), Nature calling out w/ a Rebel Yell, Earth just doin' her thing; still others take this unfortunate moment and declare that God is passing judgment on the nations...the rains fall upon the just AND the unjust...and, like that is helpful to those who need food, water and meds. :/ I'm not definitively saying that is or is not truly happening. What is interesting to me is that these events are becoming more intense and with greater frequency in a way that I can't ignore. Biblically speaking, I believe the time of the Second Coming of Christ IS drawing nearer and nearer. I'm not concerned about whether it will be another 2 days or another 2000 years before this happens. I honestly believe that God is not slack concerning His promises, and I see this as a time for man to try his own soul and make sure he's right with God. Has he received Salvation, the free gift of eternal life from God through His Son, Jesus Christ? Will he be with Him in heaven or will he be facing (indeed) greater wrath from God? As a Christian, I cannot imagine anything more secure during times like this. I may lose my physical life here on this earth, but that is nothing to be compared to the glory of eternal life with my Saviour as a returning spirit.
Hollywood has got a fantastic imagination where end-times are concerned, but NOTHING compares to, and nothing can prepare you for, the reality of abysmal fear and loneliness such as these people struck by earthquakes, tsunamis, disease, starvation, etc, are experiencing. These people are not interested in the entertainment industry. These people are probably not interested in the religious "industry." These people are not interested in who holds political powers at the moment. These people don't give a care if McDonald's is better than Wataburger or other such petty and vain things. These people are trying to merely survive a horrible and unimaginable loss and figure out how to start their lives over. They are in desperate need of comfort and hope. In the meantime, if the Lord has opened a heart, I pray that a Christian is there to lead them to Salvation and a new life, acquiring that peace that surpasses all human understanding.

Prayer is a powerful support for these people; it's something we can ALL do. God DOES answer prayers, even in the midst of unspeakable tragedies.
I encourage you to help however you can. Two organizations that I already know are helping Japan through donations are Samaritan's Purse and Red Cross.
God bless Japan. God bless other nations who are still recovering from their destruction from natural disasters. God bless those who can help them all.


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