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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~~Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor~~

America...indeed the world...has lost yet another major Hollywood icon today...Elizabeth Mary Rosemond Taylor, best known as Elizabeth Taylor. May she rest in peace.

She lived life sometimes more dramatically than the roles she played. She was portrait of elegance and mystifying beauty. She had eyes, violet-colored eyes curtained with double lashes, and she knew how to use them. God graced her with hallmark traits many seek to duplicate.

She was gifted as an actress. Sure, she was a product of high society, and she used that to her every advantage; one could see that she was not a puppet to toss into a corner or played at will. She took her advantages and made her mark in a volative industry. Even as a child actress she knew what it took to succeed. She may not have been everything that one studio wanted, but what she DID have she drove full throttle with another. As she grew more experienced with life, she grew more experienced with the big screen. Acting was her life's canvas for living.

For all of her wealth and privileges afforded her in life, she suffered bouts of loneliness, ill health, loss, addictions, and trials that could break any one person. Through them all, she refused to remain down and out for any great length of time. After all, she was Elizabeth Taylor! She was an actress, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a businesswoman, a spokeswoman, a humanitarian and any other human role she took on.

Whatever she did in life, she enjoyed to the fullest possibility. She deserves the adulation she receives. May she be remembered at her best and forgotten at her worst.

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