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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Fit for the Prince and His Bride

Ah, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana of Wales, is finally getting married. The bride to be? Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. We have watched these two come together for years before this moment, and I don't know about anyone else, but I look forward to their future together as Prince and Princess of Wales, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I watched his parents' wedding on July 29, 1981, nearly 30 years ago. I was merely 14 at the time, extremely impressionable during that time, that's for sure. :) The magic of that day lives on in my mind. The splendor of that wedding was enchanting, representative of a true fairy tale wedding.

Fast forward 30 years. It is utterly amazing how different these weddings are!! Oh sure, both were very grand weddings, but there is a different feel, a different air, about today's wedding.

It could just be me, but I honestly don't remember Prince Charles and Lady Diana' wedding being so spiritually endowed and protective as Prince William's and Catherine's today. I greatly enjoyed the service. It was said that Prince Charles chose most of the musical arrangement, including a piece or two from his own wedding to Lady Diana. I found that intriguing and was pleasantly surprised.

The music, from the numbers, the choir, the band, the orchestra. STUNNING. Absolutely magnificent.

I had quite forgotten what Westminster Abbey looked like on the inside. Oh my goodness!!!!! How immense!! There was a "ceiling shot" of the wedding at one point, and the people looked like ants!! I realize that Prince William and Catherine are athletic, but you wouldn't hafta join a gym if you walked the abbey once a week. Wow. Stunningly beautiful, too. If the walls could talk of the history made there. The acoustics there are brilliant. The choir sounded angelic. The music reverberated with powerful presence.

Speaking of presence. I'm glad to see so many recognizable faces among the crowd. I'm glad to see the support of each of their families present. There had to be a slight bittersweet moment for Prince William as he is painfully aware that his mother is not there with him, but is with him in spirit. She would be SO PROUD of both of her sons, and I'm beyond sure that she would welcome Catherine with open arms. So much of Princess Diana is evident in Prince William. I'm sure that's probably one of many reasons Catherine finds him attractive. :) To have his brother, Prince Harry, by his side adds to the magnificence this wedding brings to the royal family.

Catherine's mother, Carol Middleton, is an elegant lady in her own right. It's easy to see where Catherine gets her beauty. Her father is notably handsome, too, as is her brother. Her sister was drop-dead gorgeous as the bride's maid, almost overshadowing the bride, though it became evident that Catherine can hold her own. Many thought that Catherine would show up wearing a dress more like Pippa wore. I'm glad to see her look more elegant and stately in the dress she chose instead. Her fashion sense will undoubtedly transform the nation as Princess Diana did before her.

Let's talk about that dress for a moment. STUNNING. So simple, so elegant, so regal, so Catherine. Nothing super extravagant. Very modern with a touch of tradition. A dress representative of HER own wedding. A dress that just may convey genuine love for her prince. Prince William? Oh my goodness. So handsome in his red Irish Guard uniform, he clearly stood out as the groom.

The cry for the balcony kiss was answered with a nice quick peck on the lips between husband and wife...prince and princess. If you had blinked, you missed it. Some seemed disappointed that there was not more public consummation than that. Considering that royals before Prince Charles and Lady Diana never publicly kissed each other, I think they should be content with what they got! Some traditions are difficult to make new. However, I do believe that Prince William and his wife, Catherine, now Princess Catherine, are off to a most wonderful start in their new life ahead of them.

I wish Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the most blessed future in Christ's timeless love.

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