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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Most Devastating Tornado Season

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this unusual rash of tornado activity this spring...this APRIL...we've got until October, if I remember correctly! There have been soooooo many tornados just in these last few weeks, and this particular tornado season has been by far the most destructive in years.

I am deeply concerned about my family and friends who live in the south and southeast. Some of these tornados have appeared without warning. Buildings have been destroyed, people have died. As one person has reported, there are towns in Alabama that have virtually been obliterated. None of us are truly safe. We've had our share of tornado warnings, too, but thankfully they've not been too destructive, just scary.

Oh, to be like Jesus, who could sleep on a boat in the middle of the stormy sea. Jonah did the same thing...he had to be awakened to calm the fears of his companions. Praying for safety for my self, my home, my family and their homes, my friends and their homes during this turbulent season. He is indeed our shelter in the time of the storm.

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