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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Morphed Tangent of Horton Hears A Who

LOL, leave it to me to have a metaphorical observation of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who. :}The story has been around for decades, but a movie has been made a few years ago of this beloved classic. I watched this movie earlier this week with amused fascination.

How often do we think God doesn't or can't hear us because we are so small? Have we ever thought that we are all there is? How often do we think God can't exist because He's so huge we can't see Him? We are a smaaaaall community on a little clover in a huge patch, and we're still an even smaller speck than what can be seen, when you pull out the telescope and see more of the galaxies that exist! Our life literally is but a vapor. :O But yet, each of us are important to God, we are so important that He knows the count of each hair upon our heads!

I believe God created us with a an innate desire to be with Him. I believe that we are sometimes limited in how we try to see Him because we become cluttered with our own immediate vision of life. I believe that God calls out to us, but we don't hear Him because we are, again, cluttered with the mere act of living in our immediate world.

Unlike what some believe, I believe God knows and cares more about our intimate details of life than we can ever imagine. That's where the comparison between Horton and God leave off. Horton hears only one voice and knows very little of that voice, or even that an entire "great" community exists! Horton must prove to others of his world that the Whos exist! I believe God created our very world, and the worlds beyond what we can see with the naked eye, and even beyond what we can see w/ our most powerful telescope we possess!

Can you imagine what early mankind experienced as they tried to figure out who or what God is? This is if they even cared! Can you imagine the true marvel that must've flowed through Abram when God finally spoke specifically to him? Generations have passed since God had made Himself known to Noah, and generations had passed between him and Adam! How about Moses? What caused these men to BELIEVE in the invisible God who presented Himself to them as THE one and only true God? How much ridicule these men must've faced from their contemporaries! What caused the Mayor of Who to believe that he heard Horton as a being so much larger than he could ever imagine?

Is it any wonder some fellow Christians have a difficult time convincing other people that God is indeed real? Is it any wonder that some people think we're nuts that we can hear from God? Is it any wonder that some people mock and scoff at Christians who stand so faithfully upon God's instructions that run so contrary to the world's way of thinking?
But what happens when the fruit of all that faith finally manifests itself? Eventually, that grows into curiosity and desire to share that fruit! It took a collective effort of the Whos to prove to Horton's friends that they exist. It took a desire from the Mayor to share Horton with the rest of his community! The Bible says that one day EVERYONE will know who Jesus is! The Bible says that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ IS indeed Lord.
God wants all of us to know Him! He knows about us already. He's been knocking patiently on the door of our hearts for some time, waiting for us to recognize that His voice is different than that of any other voice we'll hear and that we can indeed hear Him! God is not a being so large that we attempt to put Him in a box. He can't be boxed! But He is so expanse that we can't comprehend him in His entirety. He loves us! He desires to protect us and to bless us. All we need to do is let Him.

The words expressed in this blog are not at all shared by Dr. Seuss.

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